About Us

Everyone knows how hard it can be to locate and buy a ring that says “I love you” in the best possible ways. As tall orders go, this one sure is a biggie. With getting engaged being one of the most significant things a person ever does in a lifetime, there is little room for “winging it” unless you are a diamantaire, and most people are not. So, what ways can you go to ensure your beloved gets a wonderful, perfect ring served to her right before she says “Yes!”? Plenty, as it turns out; however, you need enough knowledge to pull this smoothly, and that is where we come into the picture.

Understand Her Taste

Look at the type of jewelry she wears most of the time, because that should give you great clues. Are the styles mostly, or do they tend to carry modern aesthetics. What metals does she like? Are her pieces overstated or plain, or somewhere in the middle? Does she prefer ornate designs or sleek ones? Those are just 3 questions, and rest assured there are several more that you will need answered. Our posts can help you better understand these myriad aspects and use them to your advantage.

Picking a Diamond

Diamonds are surrounded by a plethora of information, mainly covering the differences between each unique piece, and the ways it is classified based on physical qualities. Knowing how each characteristic impacts the appearance and value of a stone can tell you exactly which diamond to pick from a range of options. By and large, this is the best way to prevent undue confusion when you are shopping for a special stone for a loved one.

Picking a Stone Setting

You need more than general information to do this right. Plenty of considerations should factor into selecting a stone setting that suits your partner’s finger, such as their preferences, personality, usual dressing style, lifestyle, etc. Secure mounting bring greater security for the mounted stone, but some of them severely cut down the amount of shine you can expect to come out of the ring. Balancing both aspects is down to you, but where specific pros and cons are concerned, we can help lay them out in a detailed manner. For instance, a glamour girl would typically prefer complex detailing and unique motifs, which you will need to pick based on your own constraints and desires. We are here to guide you through the entire process.