A Brief Guide To Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings
Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings
Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

The Chocolate Diamond is a fancy brown diamond of great quality that derives its color from the heat and pressure given to it during its production. Chocolate Diamonds are exclusive to Le Vian, a fine jewelry company that first released the stone in 2000.

Chocolate diamond engagement rings seem like a beautiful combination of two of life’s greatest things—chocolate and, of course, diamonds. Chocolate Diamonds are so named because their chocolate tint mimics everyone’s favorite sweet treat. These fancy diamonds are not only stunning to look at; they also add a new twist to a traditional engagement ring.

How Are Chocolate Diamonds Compared To White Diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are dark diamonds of exceptional grade. White diamonds are the most durable jewels on the planet, making them excellent for everyday wear. However, there are some distinctions. Chocolate diamonds are less lustrous than white diamonds because they are more opaque.

They’re also clearly stylistically distinct. While traditional white diamonds are beautiful, they can be a little too extravagant and bright for everyday use. Chocolate Diamonds are popular with refined women for this reason. The earthy, golden tones of the collection’s diamonds make them considerably more acceptable to be worn with any clothing and occasion.

Chocolate Diamonds: Pros And Cons

The appearance of a chocolate diamond is one of its main advantages: it is unique and unusual, so it stands out right away. If you don’t like typical white diamonds, this one is almost the polar opposite, which is a plus for someone shopping for one.

Chocolate diamonds are less expensive than white diamonds, despite their rarity. Since the jewelry business Le Vian trademarked the range, the price worth of chocolate diamonds has risen substantially. Since the 1980s and 1990s, the value of bigger brown diamonds has increased by up to 25 times.

Chocolate diamonds are also more adaptable than you might think and look stunning when paired with various metals and colored stones.

Things To Consider When Buying Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

Chocolate Diamonds are exclusive to only one jewelry brand, which means you won’t find them manufactured by any other jewelry company.

Chocolate Diamonds are available in a variety of colors, ranging from a light brown, almost golden tone to a darker, richer color. You can examine various ring options to determine which one you want.

Brown diamonds, which include Chocolate Diamonds, are not limited to Le Vian and may be found at numerous jewelers.

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