Best Diamond Alternatives For You To Choose

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds can be very costly, hence, getting diamond engagement rings may not be an affordable option for everyone. But there is a wide range of other options available for you to use in your engagement ring instead of diamonds which can be more affordable. A lot of people now choose engagement rings without diamonds because of the affordability and the distinct look they offer.

There are no specific rules to follow when it comes to choosing a stone for your engagement ring. What matters is the likes and preferences of you and your partner. Choosing gemstones other than diamonds can help to get a distinct look for your engagement ring because of the stunning colors they carry.

The following are some of the best diamond alternatives for you to choose when getting an engagement ring:


If you are looking for a gemstone that looks like diamonds but with more affordable price ranges, then moissanite can be a great option for you. These crystals were discovered first in 1893 and they were thought to be diamonds initially because of their similar appearance to diamonds. But later, it was found that these crystals are composed of silicon carbide.

Moissanite crystals are the second hardest mineral after diamonds. A moissanite ring creates a great option for people who love diamonds but cannot afford them.


Sapphires are commonly found in royal blue color, but they are also available in some other colors including yellow, pink, peach, teal, and white. This stone can be a brilliant choice for you if you want to bring a vibrant look to your engagement ring. These crystals are also highly durable which makes them suitable for wearing every day.


Emerald rings can offer you a royal look with their stunning green color. They were thought to be gems of royalty. Emerald stones are also believed to have some magical flowers, as legends say that this stone allows people to foresee the future. Emeralds were also said to have the ability to give protection from evil and cure diseases.


Rubies were popular even before thousands of years for their rare beauty. This stone has a vibrant red color which creates a great option for vintage rings. It can also be suitable for modern ring styles.

All these stones are stunning and affordable option for your engagement ring. Apart from them, there is a wide range of other options available for you including aquamarine, morganite, amethyst, etc.

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