What is Unique about a Chameleon Diamond

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The chameleon diamond changes color when heated or exposed to light after extended storage in the dark. When not exposed, the color of the diamond is usually green with grayish and yellowish tints to yellow with greenish and grayish hues. These types of diamonds are the only one of its kind that has the ability to change color naturally, even if that is temporary or depending on external factors.

Depending on the light exposure, their color could change from yellowish green to dark green. The reasons why the color of chameleon diamonds change remains a mystery, although it is seen that there are more factors that influence either photochromism or thermochromism in them. Since chameleon diamonds are extremely rare as well as valuable, researchers in the diamond industry have found it tough to procure the samples of the gemstone for the purpose of studies.

When light passes through chameleon diamonds, some portion of the light gets absorbed and some are transmitted. The transmitted area in the unique gem is attributed to its color, and that is how they are graded. The grading report notes down the temporary color change phenomena. That is what makes a chameleon diamond ring look unique. What’s more, you can choose the ring with an array of diamond cuts to make it even more personalized.

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