Aquamarines: How Are They Different From A Diamond?

Aquamarines And Diamonds
Aquamarines And Diamonds
Aquamarines And Diamonds

Aquamarines are blue-green colored stones that belong to the beryl mineral family. The color of aquamarine can vary from pale light blue to medium blue. This blue color and transparency of the aquamarines are the main reason for their popularity. You can easily distinguish aquamarine from other gemstones due to its blue color. Aquamarines are hard gemstones and they are durable. The Mohs scale reading for aquamarine can range between 7.5 and 8.

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone and some people use it as an alternative to diamond. Even though aquamarine and diamond rings can be easily differentiated apart just by their appearance, people consider buying them. Aquamarines are readily available and are widely used in different jewelry. In this article, we are comparing the features of aquamarines and diamonds. Read below to find out more about them.


Diamonds are graded based on the ‘Four Cs’ (cut, clarity, carat, color) and the price of the diamonds also depend on these quality parameters. There is no standard grading scale for aquamarines but some traders are using improvised scales for grading them.


The diamonds we see commonly in our life are colorless, but there are fancy colored diamonds too. Colored diamonds are very rare and expensive. The colors of diamonds include red, green, blue, and yellow. As we mentioned earlier, aquamarines have a blue-green color. Price normally increases with the increasing intensity of its blue color.


The cut quality of a diamond is very crucial to the brilliance of a diamond. A poor-cut diamond doesn’t reflect light efficiently and as a result, the diamond will look dull.

The cut is also important for aquamarines. A quality cut can provide a superb look to aquamarines and can make them shine better. For a diamond, the types of cuts are limited but you can cut aquamarines in whatever shape you want.


As we mentioned earlier, the quality of a diamond is determined by the ‘Four Cs’. Diamonds of higher quality cost more.  Diamond engagement rings can cost thousands of dollars but aquamarines are way more affordable than a diamond.

You can also combine both diamonds and aquamarines to make your engagement ring gorgeous. You can use a large aquamarine for your center stone and use small diamonds around the center stone.

You can use any gemstone for your engagement ring, but no other gemstone can substitute diamonds. The features of diamonds are unique and no other stone can provide you with the regal status of a diamond.

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