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Cushion cut diamonds hold a very significant position in the overall history of diamonds and engagement rings. It is one of the top three diamond cuts, after the round cut and princess cut. A cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangle shaped stone with large facets and rounded corners and sides. It is also known as the pillow cut or the candlelight cut. Unlike many other diamond cuts that are intended to reflect a large amount of light, the cushion cut reflects only a small quantity of light. For this reason, the cut lacks the fire and brilliance of the other contemporary cuts. However, on the other hand, the stone gets a classic and romantic appeal because of the softer look.

The cushion cut also had many variants in recent times. Marcel Tolkowsky introduced the way of cutting cushions with brilliant facets. Such cushion cuts are known as cushion brilliant. These stones will have more fire and brilliance than the normal cushion cut diamonds.

There is also the modified cushion brilliant with extra facets on the bottom or pavilion of the diamond. The most remarkable feature, which keeps the cushion cut diamonds outstanding, is that it permits the cutting style to be largely variant. The unique look that the stone has makes it stand out in the crowd.

The cushion cut diamonds are in existence since the nineteenth century. Until the late 1800s, the diamond cut which ruled the diamond industry was the old mine cut. The present-day cushion cut is similar to a cross between the old mine cut and the oval cut diamonds. The old mine cut had only 58 facets whereas the cushion cut presently features 68 facets which will enhance the brilliance of the diamond. Since the 1830s, the cushion cut became the widely accepted standard cut for diamonds. Not only that, many other gemstones started to be cut in this shape.

Many of the famous diamonds in the world are cushion cut diamonds. This includes the Napoleon Diamond Necklace, Hope Diamond, Regent Diamond, Tiffany Yellow Diamond, etc.

Since the cushion cuts come in various sizes and shapes, it can perfectly go with numerous settings. Another noticeable feature of the cut is that it retains the color of the diamond better than any other diamond cuts. Therefore, the cushion cut can be the ideal choice if you are intending to buy a colored diamond.

The cushion cut diamonds are still the favorite of many diamond lovers and it will continue to leave a great impression on the user as well as the spectators.

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