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A natural black diamond has graphite inclusions and random clustering inside its structure. It is quite rare and is found in extremely few areas of the world. However, black diamonds are more cost-effective compared to other-colored diamonds because these are much less in demand.

Black Diamonds History

Although diamonds of all colors have a rating of 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the black one is considered the hardest of them all. A black diamond is so hard that in the past it was only used in industrial applications.

This unique gemstone gets its coloring from concentrations of inclusions and impurities. In its rough form, a carbonado resembles a small rock piece of porous charcoal or cast iron.

The strength of the stone owes it to carbonado, which is composed of several crystals fused together. The structure of it made it a popular tool in heavy industry. It took a long time for human beings to realize the potential of black diamonds to be used in jewelry.

Polished from its original carbonado state, a black diamond can enhance jewelry design by making an elegant and dramatic statement. Do you find that too good to be true? Just take a look at natural black diamond engagement rings for women to realize how this stone make them statement pieces of jewelry.

The gem makes a dramatic center stone for an elegant ring, pendant, and earrings, whereas black baguettes serve as stunning backdrops for delicate and sophisticated settings. When they are set in a white gold band and are paired with lighter gemstones, dark black diamond accents add an impression of sophistication to even the simplest-styled jewelry piece.

Unfortunately, it is not an easy diamond to purchase from the market due to its rarity of mining. For this reason, what we see mostly in jewelry are color-treated black diamonds. These are nothing but white diamonds with considerable inclusions. Because of these internal flaws, these stones are not all that valuable for use as white ones, so they are treated via heat or irradiation. This treatment makes the gemstone look dark in color.

The elegant appearance of a black diamond often causes people to feel that it is expensive. Thanks to heavy demand for much clearer gemstones, black diamonds are yet to take center stage in the international market. That said, less demand makes this kind of gemstone cheaper than people believe.

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