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Champagne diamonds are a great choice if you want to add a special touch to your engagement ring. They are unique and stunning stones which add a mysterious beauty to your diamond jewelry. A champagne diamond adds a distinct appeal to your jewelry. You can purchase loose champagne diamonds of different shapes and sizes according to your need. If you buy loose diamonds then champagne diamonds is the best choice which will be worth your money.

What Is A Champagne Diamond?

The color of champagne diamonds resembles the color of champagne. These diamonds have brown color with a yellow tint. The color of a champagne diamond varies from light brown to darker shades of brown.

Champagne diamonds have a unique aura that it will easily capture your attention. The eye-catching color of these diamonds enhances your beauty and gives you a unique personality. Due to its special color, champagne diamonds will add a distinctive look to your diamond jewelry apart from the common look a white diamond provides.

The color of the champagne diamonds is derived from the presence of other elements in the crystal’s structure. The small amount of nitrogen trapped in these crystals during the time of diamond formation is responsible for the special color of this diamond. The intensity of the brown color will increase with the increase in the amount of nitrogen present in them.

Champagne diamonds are also known as cognac diamonds. The colorless diamonds usually lose their value with the increase in tint; however the champagnes are specially valued for their beautiful and natural coloring. Champagne diamonds are often marketed as Chocolate Diamonds because of their high range of similarities.

Areas Where Champagne Diamonds are Found?

Champagne diamonds are found in different parts of the world. They are commonly mined from places like Africa, Australia and Siberia. Argyle Diamond Mine which is situated in Western Australia is the largest champagne diamond mine in the world. Diamonds with other colors are also mined including pink diamonds.

It takes billions of years for the formation of such a crystal and the small traces of nitrogen that gets trapped in the crystal give champagne diamonds its special color. The heat and compression involved during the formation of this crystal also contribute to the typical color of a champagne diamond.

The Rarity of a Champagne Diamond

When you plan to buy a diamond, the first things that comes to your mind will be the rarity and price of the diamond. You may be concerned about how expensive will be the champagne diamonds in comparison with a white, colorless diamond. Generally, champagne diamonds are less rare than colorless diamonds. They are also more common than other fancy colored diamonds as well. So the price of champagne diamonds is comparatively less than colorless diamonds as well as other fancy colored diamonds.

The price of a champagne diamond depends on the intensity of its color, carat weight and cut quality. The price increases with the increase in carat weight and quality. The value of a champagne diamond also increases with the color intensity. Deeper the color, higher will be the price.

Important factors to notice when buying a champagne diamond


Similar to other fancy colored diamonds the value of a champagne diamond increases with the intensity of its color. The deeper the color shade, the more will be its beauty. Hence the price of such stones will also increase along with the color intensity. The color of a champagne diamond varies from lighter shades of brown to darker shades and may sometimes have a secondary hue like yellow or orange.


The Cut of a diamond have a great impact on its properties like brilliance and fire. It is a factor which plays an important role in the reflection and refraction of light by a diamond. If a diamond is cut in the right proportion it will be more beautiful and sparkly. The price also varies with the accuracy of the cut.

Unlike colorless diamonds, there are no particular standardized cut options for champagne diamonds. So there is no meaning in searching for an “ideal” cut in such stones. So it’s up to the diamond cutter to cut a diamond to maximize its clarity, color and brilliance.


A diamond with inclusions and blemishes will have less clarity. Such inclusions and blemishes will reduce the beauty of the diamond. So when you select a diamond make sure that it is free of blemishes or inclusions to the naked eye.


Carat denotes the weight of a diamond. Diamond with high carat will have high value. However a heavier stone might not be beautiful when compared to smaller ones that have good color, clarity and the right cut. So it is better to validate a diamond based on these factors rather than carat.

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