Guide To Getting A Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Heart Diamond Engagement Ring
Heart Diamond Engagement Ring
Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart-shaped diamonds are a unique and meaningful option for your engagement ring. They create a brilliant choice for people who are looking for a distinct appeal for their rings. Therefore, through this article, we provide a guide that can be useful for those who are planning to get a heart shaped diamond engagement ring.

Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds are rare in comparison with other commonly available diamond cuts including round brilliants and princess diamonds. Hence, they are a wonderful option for you if you want a special and unique ring. The heart shape, being the widely accepted symbol of love, can offer a special meaning and sentiment to your engagement ring.

A heart-shaped diamond usually has 56-58 facets and it will be cut to high-quality levels. This diamond has a stunning shape and great brilliance that can catch other people’s attention easily.

The length and width of heart-shaped diamonds can vary greatly, which can have a great impact on their value and price. The quality parameters of these diamonds are similar to other diamonds, so you have to notice different factors like the clarity, cut, etc. when getting a heart diamond.

The ideal ratio between the length and width of a heart diamond is 1.00, which means the length and width of the diamond are the same. This helps to make the shape more prominent and appealing.

Heart-shaped diamonds of a ratio lower than 0.90 will be overly wide and can have a “chubby” look. Similarly, diamonds of this particular cut with a ratio of more than 1.10 can have an overly thin or stretched appearance.

So it is better to get a heart diamond engagement ring with a ratio close to one.

Benefits Of Getting Heart-Shaped Diamonds

By choosing a heart-shaped diamond instead of a round brilliant, you can save a considerable amount on your engagement ring. Even though they are rare, their price is usually lower than the amount you have to spend on a round diamond of the same carat weight.

These diamonds have good brilliance, so you can compromise on the clarity of the diamonds without affecting their appearance. This can also help you to save money.

Additionally, heart-shaped diamonds are unique and meaningful, which makes them perfect for engagement rings.

Disadvantages Of Heart-Shaped Diamonds

As these diamonds are rare, your choices can be less, especially when it comes to higher carat weights. Hence, you might have to settle for a few options available in the jewelry stores.

So make sure to consider both the pros and cons when getting a heart-shaped diamond for your engagement ring.

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