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Engagement rings with the halo setting are so common today. So what if you like this style, but you also wish to make it unique? Luckily, there are almost never-ending ways to customize a halo engagement ring so you can make it unique and one that fits your personal style.

  1. Use a Non-Diamond Gemstone as the Centerpiece

This is one of the great ways to design a piece which stands out and cost a lot less than a halo diamond engagement ring. Other gems come at a much cheaper price than a diamond weighing the same. The contrast between white diamond accents and the rich shade of another gem is beautiful.

The heirloom engagement ring of Kate Middleton has an oval-shaped sapphire at the center, surrounded by a diamonds halo, and it is stunning. Other gems that are beautiful in the setting include ruby, morganite, emerald, and yellow sapphire.

  • Use Different Gems for the Halo

Alternatively, you can use non-diamond gems for the halo. Remember that this is not the most affordable option though, when budget is the main concern you have.

  • Go for a Different Diamond Cut

Princess and round cut diamonds dominate the engagement ring fingers of married women. Simply choosing another shape or cut will make your engagement ring unique. A halo adds more glamour to nearly every shape.

  • Try a Geometric Diamond Halo

If your taste is more vintage, then you may love the look of a geometric halo (like an octagon shape). Geometric halos are a throwback to the Art Deco era jewelry. Asscher and round diamonds look very nice in classic geometric halo settings.

  • Different Metal Color

Platinum and white gold are still the most popular ring band options. To make it stand out, consider a yellow gold ring particularly if you are planning to pair it with a diamond with a lower color grade. Another beautiful choice is rose gold. If you want a more vintage and romantic look, go for one of the halo cut rose gold engagement rings.

  • Customize the Shank

Do you like the look of a vintage diamond halo? If you do, then you can add more interest to it with a shank that is more unique. Go for a split shank, one with vintage motifs, or a twisted one. You can select something that is as elaborate or simple as you want.

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