Pros and Cons of Soldering your Diamond Rings Together

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Many people consider soldering their engagement ring and wedding band together. This might be due to various reasons like safety or aesthetics. Regardless of the reason, there are several things you need to consider before you make the move to fuse your two most important pieces of jewelry. Below is a discussion on the pros and cons of soldering the diamond engagement rings together

Pro: you Decrease Wear and Tear

Two diverse metal rings will rub facing one another, eroding each ring. By patching your rings together at your nearby gems store, you diminish the ordinary wear and tear brought about by the friction. Besides, you will eventually end up spending less cash on metal upkeep over the long term.

Con: you Need to Wear Both Consistently

You will not enjoy the freedom to take one ring off at your convenience. For example, if your habits make it important to remove your wedding band regularly (perhaps you’re continually getting your hands messy, or you work in a field that expects you to take it off for safety causes), you’ll need to consider soldering one more time. Your band and ring will sit together from now.

Pro: They Will Not Slide around

Perfectionists will certainly fall for this advantage. If it irritates you when your rings do not arrange well, soldering is most likely the answer to your problem. Possibly, you need the channel set precious stones on your engagement ring to align perfectly with the channel set jewels on your wedding band. Once you patch them together, you can surely expect them to match consistently.

Con: you Risk Damaging Them if you Change your Mind Later

You run the risk of harming them if you alter the arrangement later. Note that it is possible to undo the soldering if you undergo a change of mind. However, it might come at the cost of some damage to your beloved rings. Perhaps you want to hand down your engagement ring as a family legacy. In this case, it may cause a problem if it is welded together with your wedding ring.

Pro: They Will Fit More Comfortably

The rings will appear better when they are not sliding around always. Besides, they will feel cozier on your finger. For one thing, your middle stone will not be continually turning uncontrollably, hitting your different fingers. Further, by binding your rings together, the skin between the two rings will never again be exposed to that awkward squeezing sensation.

Consider the above facts thoroughly before choosing to solder the rings together.

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