The Symbolism of Different Diamond Ring Cuts

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Ring Cuts

The cut is the most important quantifying factor in diamonds. It determines the ability of the gemstone to reflect light. In other words, the brilliance or sparkle of a diamond depends on its cut quality. This is why you must pay special attention while choosing a diamond for your better half. After all, you want her to fall for its appeal at first sight. If you find this task challenging, read up on the popular diamond ring cuts below, and an accurate take on what each is symbolic of.

Round Cut

Round cut diamonds are for those who are in love with timeless and classic designs. If you choose a round cut diamond engagement ring for your better half, you can ensure that it would offer her an elegant and graceful appeal. Additionally, you would not need to worry about your round solitaire diamond engagement rings going out of fashion, even after decades of use. The brilliant faceting patterns of round brilliant stones would be perfect for brides who desire the best sparkle.

Princess Cut

As the name indicates, princess cuts are perfect to signify feminine and romantic styles. This cut is counted amongst the modern ones, and offers almost the same sparkle as round brilliants. Princess-cut stones boast a squared silhouette with four beveled corners for better light performance. Simply put, it resembles an upside down pyramid. This will be the perfect option for a modern and stylish bride.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut tones stand for refinement and exudes elegance. The elongated silhouette and step-cut facets of an emerald cut diamond would be ideal for a woman who usually keeps on the understated side. Experts say that this eye-catching cut will be best-suited for the bride who loves to mix classic designs with edgy ones, or one with discerning tastes in jewelry.

Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut is usually regarded as the epitome of elegance and uniqueness. This type of diamonds flaunts curved sides and pointed tips. This profile is perfect for creating the illusion of elongated fingers as well. Hence, marquise diamond engagement rings would be a great choice for women who have short or wide fingers.

Heart Cut

Needless to say, heart-cut stones are perfect to define romantic, passionate, and sweet people. Women who steer towards this type of cut usually love to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Note that heart cut diamonds are not something that you normally see in engagement rings. Besides, choosing a heart diamond engagement ring would be the best way to convey your emotions towards your partner.

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