The Ultimate Guide To Buy A Marquise Diamond

Square Diamond Engagement Rings
Square Diamond Engagement Rings
Square Diamond Engagement Rings

Recent statistics are showing that people are choosing elongated diamonds like marquise cut diamond and pear cut diamond over square diamond engagement rings. The most popular elongated diamond, marquise diamond, is very classy and sophisticated. This diamond makes your fingers appear longer when you wear it. Yet another advantage of the marquise cut is that it enlarges the appearance of the diamond and escalates its carat weight. The poise of the marquise diamond makes it popular amidst couples hunting down their perfect set of engagement rings. Here are some of the important things you need to consider when you buy marquise diamond engagement rings.

Look Out For Bow-Tie Effect

The bow-tie effect occurs when there is a bow-tie shaped dark area that runs across the center of fancy cut diamonds. The bow-tie effect is usually seen in elongated fancy cut diamonds, like oval cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, and marquise cut diamond. This effect doesn’t mean that the diamond is dark or it lacks clarity. The bow-tie seems very light, one that will not draw your attention when you first see it. However, if it is the first thing you see is the bow-tie, it is best to choose another diamond that doesn’t have a bow-tie effect.

Perfect Symmetry

A marquise diamond needs to have perfect symmetry. The two ends of the marquise diamond should align perfectly while both right and left sides of the diamond should mirror each other. If there is even a slight defect in the symmetry, it will negatively affect the overall equilibrium of the marques diamond. This will also affect the final ring setting as it does not create a balanced look. Therefore, you need to ensure that the marquise diamond you choose has excellent symmetry.

Ring Setting

The shape of the marquise diamond is such that it has pointed edges, which increases the risk of chipping. Therefore, you need to choose a ring setting that gives enough protection for the diamond. A prong setting with a V-tip is the most ideal choice for ensuring good protection for the marquise diamond. One of the main features of the marquise diamond is the quality of its sharp tips. Therefore, select a ring setting that can show off the tip of the diamond.

Your Fingers

Yes, you need to consider the shape of your fingers while choosing the marquise cut diamond. If your fingers are short, the marquise cut diamond is a perfect choice because its elongated shape makes your finger appear longer.

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