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One of the main confusions that most consumers go through while buying diamond rings will be whether to choose round diamond engagement rings or go for the fancy cut stone. The former is the conventional option and is regarded as the epitome of elegance and classiness. Plus, their sparkle will be incredible. On the other hand, fancy cut diamonds feature a classy as well as a modern appeal and their sparkle may vary with different options. However, you will have to do a thorough comparison between round and fancy cut diamond rings in order to choose the right one for you.

Comparing Round and Fancy Diamond Cuts

Round diamond engagement rings will be a great option for all the couples who love to flaunt traditional designs. However, you must have a flexible budget in order to own round diamonds since they are really expensive. On the contrary, fancy cut diamonds is your way to go if you are looking for affordable diamond engagement rings.

The main reason behind round diamonds being very expensive when compared to their unconventional counterparts is the wastage of rough diamond in making one. It is a known fact that diamond rough can lose around 50% of their total carat weight during the cutting process. Note that round diamonds are more vulnerable to this rough diamond wastage when compared to the fancy cut options like marquise, pear, cushion, etc.

Fancy cut diamonds can be made using poor quality rough diamonds too. Such diamonds will have many inclusions in them, and hence, the diamond merchants will purchase it at cheap rates. They will remove the major inclusions from the stone by cutting it and shaping it in any fancy cut diamond. However, it requires great skill and craftsmanship to create fancy shaped diamonds from a poor quality rough stones.

Most couples tend to shop for fancy shaped diamond rings for the low price factor mainly. Nevertheless, shopping for these unique diamond rings will not be as easy as that of round diamond engagement rings since you will have to consider various parameters here. Some of those factors include their proportion, symmetry, length-to-width ratio, etc. Furthermore, the cut grade of fancy cut diamonds will not be documented in its grading report, unlike round diamonds. Hence, you will not get a clear idea regarding the light performance of these stones.

In addition, the unique lighting in most diamond jewelry stores will make any poor cut diamonds sparkle. This will make your purchase even more difficult. Hence, it is recommended to thoroughly check the brilliance of your fancy cut diamond under different light sources before making the purchase.

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