A Compilation of the History and Features of Marquise Cut Diamonds

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Marquise cut diamonds makes a perfect choice when used in diamond engagement rings, or even in other jewelry. The marquise cut is trending even among celebrities, with such names as Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones seen wearing this stone cut. This is not something new in the world of diamond rings though. Look closely and you will find as far as the 1740s.

History of Marquise Cut Diamonds

This diamond shape was actually developed in France during the 1700s. There is also a rumor that this diamond cut has been named after King Louis XV’s mistress since the shape looked similar to her smile. It was also a popular diamond shape in Britain during the 20th century, mostly among the wealthy, due to its resemblance to the racing sailboats that were common at that time.

This beautiful diamond shape has maintained its popularity through the years, even next to the development of many new diamond shapes and ring styles. Nowadays you get to see this shape used in both modern as well as vintage engagement rings. The marquise cut center diamond could be enhanced to a higher extent by enclosing it with a halo of diamonds.

Features of this Cut

One of the most interesting features of this diamond cut is that the elongated shape of the diamond makes it look much bigger for its carat weight. That is, if you took a look at it from above, it would look much bigger than if it were cut in the round shape. Another good feature of this diamond is that since it has an elongated shape, it tends to make your fingers appear much longer and more slender.

How to Choose an Ideal Marquise Diamond

When it comes to choosing the perfect marquise cut diamond, the color holds great significance. This is because of the fact that the Marquise is more of a shallower cut, and hence you would see a decrease in the total brilliance of the stone. However, this problem could be offset by choosing a higher color grade like H, or something better. The length-to-width ratio too plays an important role in the look of the diamond, and can make it look either thin or stubby. At the end of the day, it is you that has to decide which of those is more beautiful, and more importantly, suits your ring finger.

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