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If the vintage halo engagement ring is not quite “it” for your lover, then there are several other options to choose from. So it is best to spend more time shopping around for the best halo engagement rings for her.

The Centerpiece Gemstone

It can be either a colorless or fancy-color diamond. If you are looking for a ring with an alternative gemstone, a good option would be sapphire or tanzanite. If you are on a budget, go for a cluster of pave or small diamonds rather than one at the center. This way, you can get a piece made with the same weight as what you would get with one large centerpiece, and at a relatively lower price.

Shape of the Centerpiece

Round- and princess-cut gemstones are classic options, but a halo diamond engagement ring can have pear, oval, marquise and emerald shapes. The pointed edges which can turn people away from marquise and pear diamonds are softened somewhat when set in a matching diamond halo. Radiant diamond cuts can also provide you with the extra oomph that you are looking for.

Number of Halos

The vintage single halo has given birth to double and triple halos. The triple one is nothing but three rows of gemstones circling a centerpiece gem. Each circle of diamond pave make an engagement ring look larger, so the piece with the triple wrap might just make more sense if it has an extremely small center stone.

Pave Color

Selecting contrasting pave gems can give your piece a custom look. Stunning options for this include rubies and sapphires encircling a colorless diamond. Alternatively, consider colorless diamonds around a “Fancy Vivid” graded yellow diamond at the center.


An engagement ring shank that is not paved with gemstones makes for a cleaner and simpler look. The thickness and shape of the band will add to your ring’s overall design. However, if you want to add more bling, pave the shank of your ring with stones. A pro tip: circling the whole shank makes it difficult to resize your ring.

Consider a split-shank, wherein the metal of it is split into narrower bands.

Choice of Metal

Platinum or white gold is the classic option for a halo ring. However, when you explore halo options, you might learn that yellow gold is actually the best match. Yellow gold is an excellent choice for diamonds having some yellow inside them as it makes the tint less obvious. Two-tone settings can also be an interesting option. Besides, halo cut rose gold engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. Rose gold can impart a classic feel to the piece, and the soft, pinkish color of the metal can enhance assorted colored gems, like peridots.

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