A Note on Buying Conflict-Free Diamonds

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Diamond Engagement Rings
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Since diamonds are very popular and of high demand in the market, there is a high chance for the customers to be cheated when they purchase diamonds. There are many counterfeit diamonds, which look similar to the original ones, in the market. Usually, it is the ignorance of people about diamonds and their features that result in being deceived while making the purchase.

It is necessary for you to know about conflict diamonds and conflict-free diamonds before you make your purchase. To ensure that the diamonds you purchase are conflict-free, there are certain guidelines to follow. Even these guidelines do not give you a complete surety of the conflict-free nature of the diamond. However, this can help you to be at peace during and after your purchase of the diamond.

Inquire Even the Minute Details about the Diamond

Ask the dealer to make clear to you all the information regarding the diamond. He should be able to explain everything regarding the supply chain, source, mining location, etc. of the diamond. Do not settle for some quick and easy answers. Rather, be ready to fire questions at the jeweler until you get satisfactory answers. A good jeweler will know all the details and will be willing to share them with his customer.

Know the Countries Producing Conflict Free Diamonds

You must know some basic things about diamonds and their sources before you go on purchasing your diamond. This is not so difficult task because the list of countries that produce diamonds in a safe and conflict-free way is small. However, be updated about this list because more countries are becoming legal and genuine producers of diamonds lately. Ensure that you are buying the diamond coming from a country that has high ethical standards and practices of mining.

Consider the Kimberely Process Endorsement

This should be one of the prime criteria based on which you have to decide whether to buy a diamond or not. The Kimberely Process is something, which was started in 2003, and it aims at ensuring that there is no conflict diamond in the market. Though it has some loopholes, it is significant in meeting its purpose.

Ensure That There are Proper Paper Works of the Diamond

The diamond you buy must have the proper paper works associated with it. This includes the grading report from GIA or another reputed laboratory. The System of Warranties statement will make clear about the source of the diamond. Never buy a diamond, which lacks these paper documents.

You should be wise in choosing the jeweler from whom you buy the diamond. Keep these things in mind even when you buy diamond engagement rings.

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