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The modern Asscher cut diamond is similar in appearance to the square emerald cut. The only difference might be the slightly smaller table, higher crown, and a larger facet. This combination produces a higher degree of brilliance than the emerald cut diamonds. Note that they could be mounted on a prong and the stone would maintain its shape inside a square silhouette. Below is a discussion on the Asscher cut and their properties.

An excellently cut Asscher will display concentric squares of you observe them through the table. This happens due to the precision of the pavilion facets inside. It is also characterized by cropped corners, just like emerald cut. Remember that Asscher is square and the cropped corners make it appear somewhat octagonal.

Asscher Cut Diamond LW Ratios

The classic design of the Asscher cut comes in square shape. These have a length to width ratio of 1.00. They can also be found in rectangular shapes. Bear in mind that every diamond with LW ratios of 1.05 or more will resemble the square shape.


It is advisable to use an I color diamond combined with Asscher or Emerald Cut Diamond. This combination is guaranteed to give you the best value. If you choose to go higher, you may still get better quality, but the rise in price is not justified. It is also better to avoid the J color with Asscher cut since they retain color in a higher degree than the princess and round brilliant cuts in diamond engagement rings.

In the subject of color, you have to be careful. Be more cautious while picking Asscher or Emerald Cut than a Princess Cut or a Round Brilliant cut. Brilliant cuts are excellent in protecting the original color of the diamond’s rough material. On the other hand, Asscher Cuts and Emerald Cuts do not have brilliant cut. Both these designs are made for their luster and clarity and nothing is concealed. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to use at least an H color diamond.

A G-colored diamond or a higher color might provide some added whiteness. Bear in mind that the difference achieved by this is so minimal that it may not be worth adding.


It is advisable to use the VS2 clarity for best results. SI1 and SI2 are certainly not the best choices available to go with Asscher Cuts. The table of Asscher cut offers a clear unblocked view into the inner center of the diamond. The inclusions would be clearly visible. Hence, if you want to purchase an SI1 or SI2 Asscher, you have to ensure that there are no inclusions visible inside the stone.

Types of Asscher Cuts

There are two categories in Asscher Cuts. They are the Royal Asscher Cut and the standard Asscher Cut. The actual Asscher cut has 58 facets while the Royal Asscher Cut is marked by a high crown and has over 74 facets.

The Difference between the Asscher Cut Diamond and a Square Emerald Diamond

Asscher cuts and Emerald cuts fall under the category of step cuts. Those stones with square or rectangular outlines and with facets arranged parallel and rectilinear with the girdle are called trap- or step cuts. Such stones usually have their corners truncated and this makes an illusion of emerald-cut having an octagonal outline. This is done to offer protection to diamonds from a possible fracture or a scratch. In the place of a culet, step-cut stones are equipped with a keel along the length of the pavilion terminus.

The crown and pavilion are relatively shallow. This means the step cut stones are not as bright as one would normally expect. Further, they also do not have the fiery quality if the brilliant cut diamonds. Instead, these cuts accentuate the clarity of the diamonds, add to their luster, and even the smallest flaw would be visible.

One of the most important differences includes shape. The Asscher diamond comes in square shape while the Emerald forms a rectangle. It is said that both are excellent choices, but you have to make sure that you get them from a reputed jeweler who can ensure the quality of diamonds.


Vs2 Clarity Inclusions on Emerald and Asscher Cut

VS2 clarity inclusions which are nearly impossible to find among the round diamonds are very easy to spot within an Asscher Cut. Further, you would also be able to notice SI1 graded Asscher cut that appears crystal clear to the naked eyes, even though the inclusions are present fully hidden under the step facets on a side. It is advisable to get a VS2 Clarity or better in Asscher cuts.

Asscher cut is one of the most attractive choices among step cuts. Make sure you remember the above facts before you purchase its 2 carat diamond engagement ring.

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