Best Ring Settings for Princess Cut Diamonds

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Princess cut diamonds have achieved huge popularity among fancy shaped diamonds. It is a design that will look stunning for both small and large carat sizes. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are second in popularity below the round diamond engagement rings. One of the desirable features of this shape is that it utilizes more than 60% of the original stone. They also exhibit great brilliance and sparkle and will cost less than many other diamond shapes. Therefore, they make a brilliant choice for engagement rings and wedding bands.

The princess cut relies greatly on the ring settings for maximizing its beauty and brilliance. Hence, when choosing princess cut diamond engagement rings or wedding bands, it is important to select the right setting to enhance the visual appeal of your stone. Following are some wonderful settings for princess cut diamonds that will create a spectacular option for your diamond rings.

The Classic Prong Diamond Setting

The most commonly used setting for princess cut diamonds are the classic prong setting, which is also known as the claw setting. This design will accentuate the shape of this diamond cut and will enhance its beauty.

Apart from the classic prong setting, this design has a large number of variations. In this particular setting, the metal covering the ring will be less, hence, it allows more light to enter the stone, thereby increasing its brilliance and sparkle. Princess cut diamonds are often found in four-prong settings, where there will be four prongs or claws that are used to secure the diamond in its position. You can add more prongs if you want, but it will result in more metal covering the stone and may reduce its brilliance.

The shape of the prongs is also important just like the number of prongs. For the princess cut diamonds, the V-shaped prong setting is the most popular choice.

The Three-Stone Diamond Setting

This is a versatile setting that will suit any occasion. In this particular setting, there will be a total of three stones, just as the name implies. Two of the stones will be secured on either side of the center stone. You can use a combination of princess and round diamonds for this design. You can make this design colorful and vibrant by adding colored stones or by mixing different diamond shapes.

The Channel Diamond Setting

In this setting, there will be a large number of small princess cut diamonds that will be wrapped around the band. The diamonds will be held between vertical metal walls. This will create a smooth channel of diamonds around the ring.

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