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There are a number of jewelers who would give you an option to create your own semi-mount engagement rings. These are actually mountings that are set only to a partial degree. Using this you would be able to create exceptional engagement rings giving them a style of your own. You could design these rings quickly and also with a lesser amount of money than that of a custom made diamond engagement rings.

Building an Engagement Ring by Yourself

A customized engagement ring is, in other words, is a ring that is made from the very scratch. This ring would be made according to the specifications you make. It is also possible to create an engagement ring using the components which you already have. The ring could be designed by choosing your preferred diamond and deciding on how it should be set. You would be given a menu from which you could select the ring metal, ring style and all other features you need. When comparing this ring to the custom engagement rings these are considerably less costly than the latter. However, they could still give a unique look. Another plus is that since all the components of this ring are ready-made you would be able to save the labor and time that is required for designing the custom-made ring.

However, designing your own engagement ring also has its own shortcomings. This is because in this case, you would be using prefabricated components and hence, you wouldn’t be able to change the structure or design of the components. Moreover, some of the settings that are ready made would also put a limit to the shape, cut and style of the centerpiece. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem for you as there would be a lot of options available to you. For this reason, you would be able to create a stunning engagement ring by doing a little research.

Things to Know When Designing Your Own Ring

When you are creating your own engagement ring you would have to make a number of choices for selecting various parts of the ring. Along with this, the jeweler would also be asking you a series of questions regarding the style of the ring and the budget for which you are planning to create the ring.

All these things would help you in making the ring which you are looking for more specific. However, doing some research would also prove to be helpful in the process. If you take some time to browse some designs online you would get more acquainted with a lot of ring designs. While designing the ring on your own, it is also important to consider the tastes of your bride. If you don’t have any idea regarding this, just take a look at the rings she already wears, and also look at her reaction to the celebrity rings or engagement rings of her friends.

Below are some things to think about prior to your ring purchase:

  • Have a budget in your mind.
  • Find out whether she likes platinum or gold ring.
  • Discover her tastes for the diamond shape, whether she prefers oval, round, square, or any other shape.
  • Whether you are planning to buy a solitaire diamond ring or do you want to include side stones for the ring?
  • Decide on what is more important to you, is it the sparkle or the overall size of the stone.

Semi Mount Rings

When you talk about a mounting it actually indicates a ring that has been prefabricated and requires stone to be set on it. In this design, you may see heads for side stones, center stone, and also in areas where you are planning to channel set the diamonds.

In a semi mount ring, the mountings should be partially set color gemstones or baguette diamonds. They should cover all the portions where gems are to be fixed leaving out the centerpiece. You could choose the center stone based on your likes and preferences.

When it comes to customizing a semi mount ring, it would purely depend on its mount like whether they are cast in the form of a single piece. If so, the shape and size of the centerpiece would be limited. There are also semi mount rings that come along with heads (part of the ring that holds the diamond) that are interchangeable. This would really expand your options and you get to choose different metals and various diamond shapes and sizes.

One of the pros of the semi mount rings is that they are already set with a diamond melee. From this, you would get a clear idea of the appearance of the finished ring. In the majority of semi mount rings, they would clearly provide you with all of the specifics regarding clarity and color of the melee diamonds.

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