Choosing A Ring Similar To Actor Christine Quinn From ‘Selling Sunset’

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

In the Netflix show named ‘Selling Sunset’, actor Christine Quinn wears a stunning engagement ring. It is one of those jewelry pieces that has appealed to many people. If you have seen the show, you might also be looking for a ring akin to it. Maybe this is why you are here. When you are seeking some points to communicate to your jeweler, read this low-down on the major features of Quinn’s ring.

The Diamond Shape

Many people feel that Quinn’s piece is a marquise diamond engagement ring, but the actor insists that it has an oval centerpiece. There is not a lot to separate an oval cut diamond and the marquise stone. The latter is sharper than the former, and it has pointed tips. A good thing is that these are affordable options as compared to a round brilliant solitaire diamond engagement ring.

You may view Quinn’s centerpiece from the show as marquise or oval diamond, but it is worth noting that there are some differences between both. An oval diamond lacks sharp edges, so it is unlikely to chip, as compared to the other stone. The latter diamond has a one-of-a-kind shape, which may appeal more to a royal person than to a commoner.

The Diamond Carat Weight

Quinn disclosed that the center diamond weighs about 9.50 carats. If it is beyond your budget, you would need to seek other ways of making your centerpiece appear larger than it is. Both marquise and oval are elongated diamond shapes, so these stones appear bigger as compared to their actual carat weight. Quinn’s ring has a thick metal band and some metal claws for the center diamond. Reducing the number of these prongs will maximize the visual impact of your engagement ring’s center stone. A well-cut solitaire with proper facets and angles will appear stunning, brilliant, and bigger.

The Ring Band

Quinn’s luxurious jewelry piece is produced with a platinum band, paved with eye-catching diamonds. A part of the design of this kind of ring is described as a French pave setting.

If cost is a concern for you then seek a trinity setting, or shop for a ring with diamonds set the whole way around its band. Platinum is costlier and more coveted than white gold, palladium, and silver. Just keep in mind that these three are stunning ring band alternatives to Quinn’s platinum ring.

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