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Nowadays, many people are into athletics and other sports activities. While some people are into the field because of their passion and interest, some people are participating in such activities to just stay fit. After all, health is wealth. Whatever be the case, athletes are often reputed to be tough, strong, rambunctious, and on occasion. Of course, they give it their all irrespective of their favorite activity or sport.

Are you dating an athletic woman? Are the wedding bells ringing in your head? If yes, get an outstanding diamond engagement ring for her. Note that she deserves something extremely comfortable, beautiful, and thoughtful on her finger whether she is on or off the field. When you start searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring, it is common to pick one of the brightest and the most extravagant options.

However, not every woman will be an admirer of such diamond band engagement rings, especially athletes. When you choose a ring for your special athlete, make sure that it suits her strenuous lifestyle that include sports, gym workouts, and other fat-burning processes. Thankfully, there are many amazing tips to nail the process. Some of those helpful tips are given below.

Perfect Metal Choice for an Athletic Woman

There is no absolute rule when it comes to the right metal choice for an athletic woman. Most people have a misconception that athletes prefer diamond rings made of strong metals. Note that the metals or rings that are reputed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life can as well become dangerous under certain circumstances. Haven’t you heard about the blue shade or ring that forms around your finger after wearing your ring for a long period of time?

Unlike most people think, this ring is not just an aftermath of wearing your engagement band for long periods. In most cases, it would be because of the metal bands. It is to be noted that not every metal will be 100% pure and some precious metals are likely to be mixed with other metals such as copper, nickel, etc., for enhanced strength. Even though these metal bands are durable, they can react when it comes in contact with sweat and can form a blue ring on your skin. This usually happens with athletic people or the ones who are into the fields that demand physical exertion.

While this type of reaction is not lethal in most cases, this can be unsightly and annoying over time as a result of the continued reaction. Plus, constant sweat exposure and your rubbing can result in itchiness and painful rashes. In fact, some copper jewelry pieces that are not doped with any other metals as well can react with sweat over time and cause skin allergies.

Similarly, metal bands that contain a higher concentration of bronze, nickel, and brass can be lethal to the wearer. Even though these metals contain small amounts of toxins, this is not an issue at the time of brief contact. However, people who indulge in strenuous workouts or sports games tend to sweat heavily and also the pores of their skin will be open. At this time, contact with such metal bands can make the wearer physically ill. Hence, make sure that your special athlete is not allergic to any kind of metals.

This, however, doesn’t indicate that you must rush out and choose nothing but yellow gold or platinumdiamond engagement rings. Even though these are the best choices when it comes to safety, the former metal choice is pliable and can deform when exposed to constant high-impact activities and the latter is incredibly expensive. If both these factors are your reasons for concern, consider a diamond engagement ring made of steel, which are naturally reinforced materials. The main upsides of using steel bands are that they are non-allergic, durable, strong, and can be maintained easily.

The Settings and Styles to Consider

When it comes to choosing a diamond engagement design for your athletic person, try not to go too grand with the setting since it can barely complement their lifestyle. Better, consider a diamond ring that includes minimal to no prong setting and low-set diamonds. In simple words, any type of flush diamond setting is ideal to favor the style of an athletic woman. An ideal and a crowd-pleasing choice to consider in this case is the bezel setting in which the center diamond is secured by means of a metal rim.

You can also consider a solitaire diamond ring style for your girl if she admires classic beauties. Fortunately, you can find a range of solitaire diamond ring styles that feature minimal design and metal setting to complement their lifestyle. Furthermore, any diamond ring design or style that shows off its glamor and vitality along the façade of the band rather than the top side will be just perfect for athletes. The perfect styles that an athlete can carry with ultimate oomph include vintage setting, engraved metal bands, and low-key halo setting. In short, the key is to choose something that defines them, their lifestyle, personality, and interest.

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