Difference Between Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

If your fiancée is a fan of ancient designs and styles, it is better to go for an antique or vintage engagement ring when you plan to propose her. But when shopping for an antique engagement ring you may get confused by the plethora of terminologies associated with it. You might hear terms like‘Vintage’,‘old’, ‘antique’, ‘period’, ‘estate’, ‘retro’, etc., that can leave you baffled. Hence, it will help you to select the right ring if you know the difference between them.

Vintage, antique and estate rings are commonly found ancient designs in jewelry. We explain the difference between these three terms to make your ring shopping easy.

Antique engagement rings

These rings are a hundred or more years old. Usually, jewelers define this time period from 1900 to 1920. The ring designs that are created between these years can be considered as antique. The designs before 1900 can also be called antique.

Antique rings encompasses two different jewelry periods, the Georgian era (1714-1837) and the Victorian era (1837-1885). The most fascinating feature of these rings is that all of them are handmade and exhibit high standard craftsmanship. They will be usually one of a kind, hence really valuable.

These rings feature really delicate and sophisticated designs and are becoming very rare. They often require more care and maintenance. Many antique rings may not be suitable for daily use; hence, you have to also consider this factor when you buy such rings.

One of the most appealing features of antique designs is that they will provide you a unique and exquisite style. These extravagant diamond engagement rings are a great choice for your bride-to-be if she is a fan of ancient charm and elegance.

Vintage engagement rings

They are created between the last 50-100 years. These diamond engagement rings for women that were very popular in the past are now making a re-entry in the jewelry world. As years pass and trends change, more designs will be added to the ‘vintage’ category and will eventually fall into the ‘antique’division.

There are different eras that fall under the vintage ring designs, they are Art Deco (1915-1935), Retro (1935-1950), Post WW2 (modern).

These designs will give a stunning look for your diamond engagement rings; hence make a popular choice among brides who want beautiful designs for their ring.

Estate engagement rings

The term estate is used to define rings that are pre-owned. It might be a ring that is sold after a person’s death, or as a part of a will or maybe simply sold by someone who wants to buy or upgrade to a new ring.

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