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When it comes to diamond band engagement rings, one of the most commonly heard styles will be a solitaire diamond ring. Well, do you know the actual definition of solitaire diamond engagement rings? Actually, most people tend to refer to a round brilliant cut diamond ring as the solitaire. Note that a solitaire diamond ring simply refers to any diamond ring that boats only one diamond.

The traditional design for solitaire diamond band engagement rings feature a round brilliant cut diamond of decent carat weight secured by means of traditional four-prong platinum setting. In most cases, the diamond ring band of such rings will be designed simple and thin in order to highlight the center diamond to the fullest. Plus, this will create an illusion of a bigger diamond. There will be hardly any person who does not fall for the bewitching charm of solitaire diamond engagement rings. These types of options are the perfect examples of classic diamond band engagement rings.

The other option that most jewelers swear by when it comes to solitaire diamond engagement rings is the princess cut diamonds. After all, it is the second popular diamond cut after round brilliant cut diamond. The main upside of the solitaire setting is that any diamond cut or shape can be set using this ultimate option. Below are some in-depth details regarding solitaire diamond cuts and its significance.

The popularity of solitaire diamond rings

The main reason behind the popularity of solitaire diamond engagement rings are the diamond sellers. Most of their marketing campaigns about diamond band engagement rings are based on solitaire designs. In fact, they made solitaire diamonds an iconic symbol of romance. Additionally, they also crafted many rules regarding the amount of money one must spend on his/her diamond engagement ring.

Note that smaller diamonds will not look much appealing when set using a solitaire setting. Hence, most people may think about a diamond of 3-ct or higher when it comes to their solitaire engagement rings. Needless to mention, this will boost up the diamond ring sales.

Can you purchase a solitaire ring without a diamond?

Unlike olden days, most jewelers tend to sell solitaire ring settings without a diamond. This will be a great choice for all the couples who are on a tight budget. In this case, you can purchase loose diamonds at a much lower price and set it on the mounting. Furthermore, this will also be a great option if you already own a diamond.

For instance, some people may have heirloom jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bangles, hair accessories, etc. You can use take the diamonds from those trinkets and set it on your diamond engagement ring to make it a vintage piece that boasts the rich tradition and culture of your family.

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