Ideal Engagement Ring Styles for Most Star Signs

3 Carat Diamond Ring
Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

The engagement ring market is flooded with many designs, so it is not all that easy to pick one that most closely matches your personality. A good way to narrow down your search to one is to look for the design which best matches the personality, according to your zodiac sign.

Stunning Marquise Cut for Aries

This diamond shape emphasizes as much face-up area of the centerpiece gemstone as possible, giving an ostentatious impression to the viewer. That is what you would expect with a marquise diamond engagement ring as well. For some, jewelry is all about luxury, and little else. However, quality also matters, and the marquise cut will give more oomph factor to your stylish gem.

Cushion for Taurus

The splendid-looking cushion diamond cut causes jewelers to make a central mounting area for the rock, which will keep it cozy and nice and above all else, secure. A Taurus person does not like to lose things, and it is a perfect match for them.

Colored Gemstone for Gemini

One with a youthful, fun-loving and zany personality will gravitate towards bright colors and sparkling gemstones. So they might want to go slightly off-script when it comes to the gemstone selection. A pearl, an Alexandrite or emerald may suit you.

Emerald Cut for Virgo

This very stunning diamond cut will elongate your ring finger, and it will make it appear slim, similar to a piano player’s finger. A Virgo appreciates sophistication and gracefulness, and an emerald-shaped diamond engagement ring will deliver both.

Halo for Scorpio

A Scorpio is powerful, and one who has this star sign needs a strong and statement piece to match it. The halo design puts gemstones around the centerpiece gem, making a striking effect that will draw others’ attention to the ring.

Solitaire for Capricorn

Solitaire is a regal and classic style, and it is ideal for the person who is more conventional at heart. Such an individual likes things that look the way they should, and this is the archetypal ring style.

Pear Shape for Libra

Venus, a Libra’s planetary ruler, makes the person very conscious of jewelry aesthetics, especially with regards to texture, color and shape. This feminine and ornate gemstone will make an engagement ring resemble a stunning teardrop when viewed from certain angles.

Oval Shape for Cancer

This is an extremely romantic and delicate style. Small pave gemstones set along a proximate band will further enhance your whimsical-inspired ring setting. You could find yourself gazing at the piece that is very beautiful and rich in detail forever.

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