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Round cut has always been the most popular diamond shape in the industry. In fact, many studies in the field point out that around 70% of the people in the United States prefer to flaunt round solitaires at the center of their diamond engagement rings. In order to tackle this huge demand for round diamonds and to offer something different, the veteran gemstone professionals came up with fancy diamond cuts. Gradually, the absolute style and appeal of such shapes is taking over the diamond industry.

Note that fancy cuts are available in almost every shape other than round. Actually, there are around ten types of fancy diamond cuts, which are perfect to define the style and personality of different people. Most of the engagement diamond rings now flaunt options such as cushion cut, pear cut, marquise cut, emerald cut, princess cut, trillion cut, etc. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings and cushion cut diamond engagement rings are two of the most popular options among them.

If you were planning to propose to your better half with a fancy cut diamond engagement ring, there are certain things that you must know about these spectacular diamond cuts. Some of those important points are listed below.

You Can Enhance your Fancy Cut Diamonds Using Various Diamond Ring Settings and Metal Choices

Almost every consumer will be familiar with the role of a traditional four-prong setting in enhancing the overall beauty of round brilliant cut diamonds. Just like that, there are many diamond ring settings, which complement the beauty of different fancy cut diamonds as well. It will be worth noting that a three stone diamond ring setting with round diamonds at the sides will be a great option to highlight the seducing shape of fancy cut diamonds.

Yet you must be really watchful when pairing your mesmerizing fancy cut diamonds with various metal settings. The options such as emerald cut, Asscher cut, and baguette cut feature flat tables and less number of facets when compared to other fancy cuts. Hence, they tend to display their inclusions well. Here, it is recommended to use colored metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, etc., in order to mask such inclusions. The lighter metal options such as platinum, white gold, etc., on the other hand, will highlight their flaws.

For lustrous fancy cut diamonds like princess cut, the platinum metal will be a supreme option. In fact, the mirror-like reflection of platinum will contribute to the lustrous sparkle of such diamond rings.

Fancy Cut Diamonds are Unique and Popular

Most diamond ring buyers have a misconception that fancy cut diamonds can only define trendy brides. Actually, these amazing gemstones can define both modern as well as traditional brides since they offer a stylish appeal with a twist of traditional touch. In the olden times, emerald cuts were the most popular option. However, princess cut diamonds took over them in the 1980’s because of their extreme brilliance and eye-catchy appeal. The unconventional shape of the princess cut stones is also a reason for its popularity.

As mentioned, fancy cuts are currently booming in the diamond industry even though round diamond shape is still there on top. The main highlight of fancy cut stones is that the consumer can tailor them according to their style, unlike in round diamonds. In addition, the raw material wastage during the cutting process of rough diamonds will be more in round shapes when compared to their fancy cut counterparts. This explains why colored diamonds are usually available in fancy cuts rather than in round shape.

It is to be noted that natural colored diamonds are more expensive than their colorless counterparts are. Besides, most of the fancy cut diamonds can create an illusion of bigger carat weight, giving the best bang for your bucks.

The Properties of Fancy Cut Stones are Beneficial to Consumers

Each fancy diamond cut has its own unique qualities and charm. Choosing the right one that complements your style and persona can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. On a related note, a rectangular fancy cut diamond will be a great choice to define a modern woman who is confident and authoritative.

The modified rectangular cut diamonds that exhibit the appeal of emerald cut diamonds with the brilliance of radiant cut are also one of the most preferred options. Plus, this is a great way to purchase your sparklers cheap because modified stones will mask their inclusions effectively, and hence, you may opt for a lower clarity and color grade diamond.

You can choose the sparkle of your stone depending on your career. That is, you may go for extremely lustrous diamonds such as princess cut, cushion cut, etc., if you are employed in the fashion or finance field. Yet in case you are working in the health department, it will be ideal to keep your gemstone subtle and low-key. Here, you can go for the options such as baguette or emerald cut, along with bezel setting.

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