Maintenance Tips for Diamonds

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Diamond Engagement Ring

A fine diamond is nature’s wonder. Diamonds rule the jewelry industry like a boss. You can’t find diamonds at a random place. It is this rarity that makes a diamond a priced wonder of nature. A diamond is, without doubt the first choice for an engagement ring and this is what pulls the crowd to stores with diamond engagement rings for sale. Owning a diamond isn’t a small thing. It never was. Owning one doesn’t mean all work is done. Your dear diamonds that earn all the admiration demands your attention and proper care.

Protection of Diamond Jewelry

Your diamonds getting exposed to harsh chemicals is not uncommon. Even daily use items like sunscreen, hairspray and perfumes can be hard on your diamonds. While handling these chemicals, it is best to use protective covering or to remove the diamond. After all, you can’t take chances about your dear diamond engagement rings.

How to Handle Your Diamonds

Adequate care has to be taken while removing your diamond ring. Never hold on the stone or setting while removing the ring. Picking it up by its band is the right way to do it.


Jewelry is dear but diamonds are the dearest. Storing diamonds with other jewelry is a bad idea. This increases the chances of scratches appearing on diamonds. It is best to cover diamonds with soft tissue or cloth. Diamonds being hard can damage other jewelry and even other diamonds. So make sure you store each one of your diamonds in separate pouches.

Keeping Your Diamonds Clean

Be gentle on your diamonds. Scrub them with soft bristled brushes. A solution of warm water with few drops of ammonia can be used to soak your diamond jewelry. Never use strong chemicals or abrasives to clean diamond jewelry. Dissolved metal and prongs going loose would be the end results.

Protecting the Diamond’s Monetary Value

Diamonds can be insured against theft, damage and loss. This helps in protecting its monetary value.

General Diamond Care Tips

When you are doing rough work, avoid wearing diamond – Diamonds are undoubtedly the hardest substance on earth but hard blows can damage your diamonds.

When you are doing household chores, avoid wearing diamonds – Coming in contact with chlorine bleach can discolor the mounting of the diamond ring. So avoid wearing diamonds while you are busy with your household chores.

Make a visit to your jeweler at least once in a year – Have your ring checked by the jeweler for loose prongs or worn out mountings.

When the maintenance of your jewelry is properly taken care, be it your diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, it will sparkle like your relationship!

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