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Marquise and Pear are two unique diamond cuts with numerous attractive qualities. This makes it difficult for a bride to choose between the two. There are facts, features, and histories that make them so adorable. Below is a discussion of the two types of diamond cuts and their features that will help you make a decision regarding their selection.

The Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise is a word that originates from the French word “marquis”, which means nobleman with a rank above a count, yet lower than a duke. Back in those days, marquises wore diamonds to signify their status among society. In the modern age, there are many names attributed to these diamond shapes including boat-shaped or “navette”, which means a small ship in French, teardrop-shaped, and football-shaped. This diamond cut has been crafted with 58 facets and elliptical profiles, eventually meeting at the ends to form a pointed tip. This shape was created by a jeweler appointed by the King Louis XV of France in the 18th century. Legend has it that this diamond shape was specifically created to remind him of the lips of his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson. Later, many variations of the marquise diamond engagement rings were introduced. Out of them, the most popular one was the oval diamond cut.

Modern Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval cut diamonds are for those brides who wish to wear something different yet attractive from the traditional round cut engagement rings. The modern oval cut diamond rings may feature several additional features like the signature halo. With features like an elevated shank and a central stone, the diamond gives an impression that it is floating.

Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

Among marquise diamond engagement ring designs, ones with the halo design are popular. With a single halo of diamonds which cascade to the middle of the shank, the marquise diamonds look extremely attractive.

The Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The pear-shaped engagement ring gracefully blends the essence of marquise diamond and round-cut diamond by having a tapered point at one end. This diamond is sometimes mistakenly worn with the point facing away from the finger, while it is supposed to be worn facing the finger. These diamonds come is a variety of sizes and shapes, and suits women with wide or slender fingers.

The pear-shaped diamond cut is also known as the tear-drop shape. It was first released in the 1400s by a Flemish cutter, Lodewyk van Berquem. He believed that the cut allowed a better polish for the diamond, and this helped in getting a better light reflection.

This shape of diamonds makes the fingers look long and slender. Make sure you review the diamond’s proportion before you buy them. This is because a disproportionately large stone might make a small or wide hand look shorter.

Choosing From Marquise and a Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing the right diamond engagement ring is a struggle as there is a lot of confusion regarding which suits you the best. Every person has unique features with their hands, unique interests, and tastes. Therefore, this reflects in the process of selection of the right engagement ring. It is advisable to try a diamond engagement ring on before deciding to buy them. This way you can be confident that the diamond engagement ring of your selection does go well on your hands. Below is a discussion of the choice of diamond rings by taking the size of your fingers into consideration.

Small Fingers

Choosing the right engagement ring is about bringing the best proportion. Women with comparatively small fingers are recommended to avoid flashy or bulky finger rings. A pear cut diamond has an effect of elongating the ring while making the hand slightly bigger. A round cut diamond, on the other hand, makes the hand look smaller.

Short Fingers

Just like small fingers, the short fingers also need to be adorned with a cut that helps in making them longer. Hence, the best cuts for this dimension are marquise, ovals, and pear.

Wide Fingers

Those with wide fingers are recommended to choose diamond rings that do not give away much of their skins. It is better to choose a diamond engagement ring with a comparatively large center stone. If people with such fingers choose other shapes of diamonds, the fingers will look bulkier and wider. Note that the benefit of the wide finger is that they can display every ring cut and style well. This includes both marquise-shaped and pear cut diamond engagement rings.

Marquise cut diamonds are those with an elliptical profile while the pear-cut diamond has a shape that resembles a teardrop. Both styles have their attractive features. However, the final decision should be taken by carefully considering the way each diamond looks on your fingers. 

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