Mistakes You Should Never Make While Buying Diamonds

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Buying Diamonds
Buying Diamonds

When buying a diamond, you would be spending a significant part of your savings. You cannot make any mistakes here. To get the best diamond that is worth the money you pay, several factors should be taken care of. Here is a few of the diamond buying mistakes that you should avoid.

Disregarding The Cut Of The Diamond 

The 4 C’s of the diamond; cut, clarity, color, and carat determine its aesthetic appeal and quality. The geometry of the facets cut into the diamond causes the stone to trap light and reflect it internally, thereby contributing to its sparkle and brilliance. Many diamond sellers primarily focus on the clarity and color of the diamond. Do not forget to ask them about the cut because a diamond belonging to a high grade of clarity and color but has poor cut is not going to look any better than a well-cut low-grade diamond. Diamond cutting requires highly skilled craftsmen who can cut and carve out the best shapes out of the stone.

Assuming All Graded Diamonds Are The Same 

Another commonly noticed mistake while people buy diamonds is assuming that all diamonds of a given grade are the same. The interaction of 4 C’s of the diamond with each other changes the overall look of the diamond. This indicates that diamonds of the same grade may look very different from one another. Assuming that the diamond certificate will reveal all details of the diamond is not right because two diamonds with the same certification may look visibly different to the eye. This reveals the importance of viewing the diamond in person before you make the purchase.

Wasting Time Looking For A Bargain 

Diamonds are not a common marketplace product that you buy every day. Diamond prices are fixed by a central authority and there is hardly any room for price changes on bargaining. The price ranges of diamonds of a given cut, quality, color, and carat weight of all reputable dealers will more or less be within the same range. If a diamond dealer is offering deep discounts, see that as a red flag. Never assume that you have will get a chance to bring down the diamond price by negotiating with the dealer. It is a waste of time.

Avoiding possible mistakes while buying diamonds will help you buy quality diamonds that are worth the money you pay. If you have the required budget, buy high-grade diamonds that also have appreciable visual appeal.

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