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Every bride will not be a fan of traditional diamond ring styles. Some women may simply swoon over the contemporary designs that will let them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Thankfully, there is a plethora of options out there for non-traditional brides as well. These designs tend to range from dainty setting to colorful gemstones to vintage-inspired styles.

Even if you are a traditional bride who thinks about nothing but scintillating solitaire round diamond engagement rings, you are likely to step out of the box, once you lay your eyes on any of the following options. Below are some of the contemporary diamond engagement ring trends that every couple who yearns for one-of-a-kind dazzler can consider.

Raw Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the best ways to contradict the classic appeal of sparkling round diamond engagement rings is to choose rough-looking raw diamond engagement rings. This non-luster beauty is sure to stand out amongst the other gleaming baubles. Plus, go for this option if you lead an active lifestyle or a profession where you cannot flaunt sparkling objects such as the health care field, law and order, judiciary, etc.

Rose Gold

Another trend that swept the diamond engagement ring field is the rose gold setting. In fact, rose gold diamond rings are making a huge comeback these days. The main reason for this is its feminine rosy hue that tends to flatter almost every skin tone. Plus, the warm tone of the metal color will give your sparkler a vintage appeal. Besides, blue and pink colored diamonds will be perfect to highlight the warm color tone of rose gold.


If you are drooling over a pink diamond, but do not have enough budget to own one, you may consider a morganite diamond engagement ring. This rosy shade stone that belongs to the beryl mineral family comes in a wide range of pale pink hues. However, this option is unlikely to break the bank. Hence, you can splurge on a bigger center diamond.

Nature-Inspired Accents

Another trending design that is all in rage now is the nature-inspired accent stones. Note that accent diamonds are important to highlight the beauty of the center diamond to the fullest. Nowadays, diamond engagement rings are beautified with diamond motifs such as flowers, vines, leaves, buds, etc., that will make you feel like it is just plucked from a garden. It is to be noted that leaf detailing using tiny marquise diamond accents will give a whimsical twist to your classic round diamond engagement rings.

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