Rare and Expensive Stones for Your Engagement Ring

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People are looking for ways to make their engagement rings unique and special. They buy diamond engagement rings that are custom-designed or choose rare stones for making their rings look stunning as well as unique. If you are also planning to make your engagement rings special, then we have some great ideas for you. Following are some rare and expensive stones that will make your ring one of a kind.


What makes these stones special is their ability to change color. Under the daylight, they will appear green or bluish-green, whereas their color will change to red or purplish-red when seen under incandescent light. This stone was discovered in Russia during the 1830s, and it immediately became the favorite of the noble class because of itscolor-changing nature.

Alexandrites have great hardness which makes them resistant to scratch, hence, they make a wonderful option for diamond engagement rings for women. However, the rarity and the high demand make these stones one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Even synthetic alexandrites, which are created in labs, are quite expensive.

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyls

While a lot of gemstones show chatoyancy, which is a “cat’s eye” effect, these stones are the most valuable among them. However, not all the chrysoberyls have the ability for displaying the cat’s eyes. In fact, alexandrites can be considered as a type of chrysoberyls, but they show the cat’s eye effect very rarely.

Cat’s eye chrysoberyls usually exhibit colors such as greenish-yellow, yellowish-green, or yellow color. The most valuable and expensive stones among them show a sharp “pupil” and will also have a “milk-and-honey” effect when they are held obliquely to a strong light. One side demonstrates a “honey” color, while the other side has a milky appearance.

They have great hardness and wonderful luster. Hence, they make durable, luscious and glowing gemstones. Even though they are traditionally used in men’s rings, they can be also used in any other type of jewelry.

Paraíba Tourmalines

Normal tourmalines come in different colors and sometimes show multiple zones of different colors. Most varieties of these stones are relatively inexpensive, however, the discovery of tourmalines which range from the colors electric neon-blue to blue-green in Paraíba, Brazil created a buzz in the gem world. The demand for these stones grew rapidly along with the price, and they still remain as one of the most expensive gemstones in the world.

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