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Engagement is a magical time in the life of a person. It is the time when a person commits oneself to the life of another one. This commitment is very important and is meant to be kept for a lifetime. The engagement ring used in the engagement ceremony is the expressive symbol of the commitment that the couple is making to each other. The engagement ring is to remain with the person for a lifetime and no one wants it to look less than perfect.

When it comes to the choosing of the engagement ring, people usually get confused as to which ring they must select. There is a tendency to copy the celebrity fashion of the time, in selecting the engagement ring. There are also numerous people who do not have any idea about the selection of an ideal engagement ring and they end up choosing the wrong one sometimes.

You must be able to select that engagement ring which suits your style and reflect your relationship. Here are some reasons why a raw or rough diamond engagement ring can be ideal for your engagement if at all you are in a hunt for the ideal engagement ring for your big day.

It Is An Ethical Choice

Even when you are ready to spend thousands of dollars on the diamond engagement ring, you might worry as to if the diamond you are going to purchase has allowed for abuse of human rights, child labor, and harm to the environment in the mining and preparation of the diamond. These thoughts can affect your peace of mind even after you buy the diamond for a very high price.

If you choose to buy a raw diamond engagement ring, you can rest assured that the stone is clear of all such negatives. The raw diamonds come directly from the mines and it is made sure that the mining and related processes are done in a legitimate and ethical way without breaking any rules. The Kimberley Process certification method is strictly followed and this ensures that the raw diamonds that come to you are conflict-free. The sourcing of the diamonds is done only through the site holders and this makes it safer.

The most significant fact about the raw diamonds is that these diamonds are not cut and polished. Hence, you can be sure that the diamond does not have a history of offering unsafe and non-ethical cutting and polishing situations to the workers and it keeps child labor out of the picture.

Thus, undoubtedly, buying a raw diamond engagement ring keeps you assured of the true ethical origins of the diamond, which is not mostly possible in the case of other diamonds. 

It Is A Unique Ring

The raw diamond ring is without question, a unique diamond ring. Each couple will have a unique story of their life and it is so ideal to have this unique engagement ring to complement their unique story. Using an uncut rough diamond on your engagement ring makes you appear special in the crowd. The uniqueness of the raw diamond will be reflected in the whole ring itself.

The raw diamond must be custom set on the ring because the raw diamonds come in various shapes. The unique shape of the diamond will ask for a unique setting of the diamond on the ring, which in turn will increase its creative potential.

It will be remarkable to have a unique stone on a unique ring setting of your choice. This will remain close to your hear throughout your life. You can also personalize the ring to make it more attractive and appealing to you and your partner.

It Is A Clear Metaphor For The Relationship  

The raw diamond engagement ring is the one which is mined in its true state from under the earth. It is purely natural and is the product which has been formed under the earth’s surface taking millions of years. They remain untouched by anyone and the true beauty of the raw diamond is in the imperfections it has within it. It is then that the diamond cutter comes and cuts its edges to give a shape to the diamond.

When the relationship of a couple is considered as the raw diamond, the experiences that they have together will act as the cutter and polisher of the diamond. The true beauty of their life together will be brought out before the world when they live together. Hence, wearing a raw diamond engagement ring can remind you of the purity, potential, and possibility of the marital life you are going to have.

Other than these, the raw diamonds have the advantage of being cheaper than the other polished diamonds. Since they do not undergo the cutting and polishing process of the other diamonds, they are less expensive. The price of the raw diamonds will depend on the source from where they come, and their structure, color, carat weight, and clarity before they are cut.

Buying a raw diamond engagement ring can be the best decision you make for your life.

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