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Nowadays, couples are gravitating towards new and creative options when it comes to their beautiful diamond band engagement rings. The idea of a metallic band encrusted with diamonds has become clichéd these days. One of the out-of-the-box ways to come out of the cocoon, in this case, is to explore unique and thoughtful designs for your diamond engagement rings that reflect emotions rather than its price. Needless to mention, one of the best options, in this case, is fingerprint diamond rings.

As the name indicates, this ring features the fingerprints of the couples. Here, the brides will have to wear the bands engraved with the fingerprints of their partners and vice versa. Isn’t this a beautiful and romantic way to legalize your authorization on your life partner? However, there is a risk involved in designing fingerprint bands. Note that you will have to stamp your fingerprint on a paper or a digital fingerprint scanner and hand it over to the jeweler in order to design your ring.

In case the jeweler that you choose is an unreliable person or fraud, you are likely to get scammed. This can cost your life at times. So, be careful to work only with high-end brands in this case. Popular diamond ring merchants will be concerned about their reputation and are unlikely to think about messing with their customers’ details. Otherwise, you can give a copy of your fingerprint to the designer. However, any small imperfection in the copy can ruin the overall appeal of your fingerprint band.

Usually, experienced designers tend enhance your fingerprint designs to make it even clearer. However, smudged fingerprints cannot be enhanced. So, it is better to take guidance from a trustworthy jeweler while stamping your fingerprint on a paper. If you are also looking forward to designing amazing fingerprint diamond band engagement rings, the steps that you may consider when designing one are given below.

  • First, choose a plain metal band that suits your budget, style, finger size, and personality. Needless to mention, platinum bands will be perfect for engraving intricate patterns. Similarly, you can engrave only on the inner band when it comes to patterned bands.
  • Then, stamp your fingerprint on the digital fingerprint scanner employed in the store or handover a perfect copy of your fingerprint.
  • Choose the engraving designs from a pool of options. Note that one is the most popular design, in this case, is a heart-shaped band set. In this set, one band will be engraved with the fingerprint of the bride and the other with the fingerprint of the groom. When both these bands are united, the fingerprint designs on both bands will form a perfect heart. You can also choose to include a beautiful diamond at the center to add to the overall bling quotient.

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