The History of Wedding Diamond Rings

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Everyone will be familiar with the significance of diamond band engagement rings. In fact, when a woman is engaged, she is likely to inform about the same to her friends and family by showing off her brand new gleaming bauble. Traditionally, only women are expected to flaunt diamond engagement rings. Nowadays things have changed and both the partners tend to display their sparkling diamond band engagement rings on the fingers.

When it comes to diamond wedding bands, both the bride and the groom are expected to wear one even from the olden days. Otherwise, it is regarded as a symbol that the partners are not committed to each other. Note that wedding diamond bands have a rich history of being defined as the symbol of love and commitment between the partners. To understand more details regarding the same, you may refer to the significant points given below.

The First Wedding Rings

The first known example of wedding ring is reported in Egypt approximately 3000 years ago. According to some studies, ancient couples tend to make wedding rings using various materials such as leather, hemp, ivory, reeds, etc. It was believed that costlier the material of a wedding band, higher will be the love and commitment between the couple. Additionally, the circular shape of the rings was believed to represent eternal and indestructible love.

Other cultures started adopting the wedding ring tradition as the years passed by. In Rome, grooms are expected to gift iron rings to their respective brides. In fact, this is regarded as the predecessor of conventional metal wedding bands. According to Roman culture, iron represented eternal, strong, and durable love between the couple. Besides, Romans are believed to be some of the first people to personalize their wedding rings. On a related note, Romans tend to engrave the face of the couples on their rings. Later, people started exchanging diamond wedding bands by the end of the 14th century.

Why the Left Hand

Just like today, ancient couples as well tend to wear their wedding bands on the ring finger of the left hand. Note that there is a popular theory behind the origin of this tradition. According to this, the polytheistic nations such as Rome and Greece believed that the ring finger of the left hand feature the ‘vein of love’. Plus, they believed that this vein runs directly to the heart. Hence, by putting a wedding band on this ring, a person is booking the closest position near to the heart of his/her better half. Even though the circulatory system is not designed like this, the ring wearing tradition has not changed yet.

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