The Legacy of the Grey Diamonds

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Grey Diamond Engagement Ring
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Grey diamonds have gained wide popularity over the past few years. The trend of colored diamonds which was brought by the pink and yellow diamonds has given more popularity for other colored diamonds too. One among them is the grey diamonds. The days when people only favored the traditional white diamonds have gone. Now more people are looking for a unique and extraordinary appearance and therefore, they seek diamonds with different colors that will give them a special and elegant look. Grey diamond engagement ring is one of such rings that will give you a distinctive yet stunning look.

The grey diamonds get this specific color from the high concentration of hydrogen, unlike white diamonds that get their color from carbon. Grey diamonds will look beautiful when set on diamond engagement rings, and when paired with white diamonds they will look even more stunning, as the white diamonds will accentuate the grey diamond.

Grey diamonds are categorized into two; Fancy grey diamonds and Included/Salt and Pepper Grey Diamonds.

Fancy grey diamonds

The first category of grey diamonds is Fancy grey diamonds. According to the intensity of the color, they are further divided into fancy dark grey, fancy grey, fancy light grey, light grey, very light grey, and faint grey.

These diamonds are also found in various colors like green, blue, violet and a lot more. When the grey diamonds are modified by a specific color, they will form a more unique version of grey diamonds. Some examples of such diamonds that result from this modification are fancy dark violet-grey diamonds, fancy blue-grey diamonds, etc. These color modified diamonds are expensive than normal fancy grey diamonds as they are much rarer.

Included/ Salt and Pepper Grey Diamonds

The next category is the Included/salt and pepper grey diamonds. This particular name is given because of the number of inclusions found in the stone. The “salt” in the name represents the high amount of white inclusions and “pepper” refers to the high presence of black inclusions in the diamond. Even though the inclusions are undesirable in a white diamond, their presence in the grey diamond gives them a distinct and beautiful look.

Value of grey diamonds

Even though grey diamonds have gained more popularity over the recent years, their value is still inferior to the other colored diamonds like yellow or brown. So their price range will be also less than these diamonds. Therefore, you can get a grey diamond engagement ring at a much more affordable rate.

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