The Unique Meaning Of A Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Stone Diamond Ring
Yellow Stone Diamond Ring
Yellow Stone Diamond Ring

Colorless flawless diamonds are the preferred choice of many for their precious engagement ring. However, there is that niche few who would go for the uniqueness of a colored diamond as the center stone in their engagement ring. Yellow stone diamond ring is a popular choice in this category.

Yellow Diamonds – The Origin

Yellow diamonds are formed the exact same way that all natural diamonds are formed. Deep below the surface of the earth, taking millions of years to form, natural yellow diamonds are as rare and beautiful as any other colored diamond. The attractive yellow hue is due to the presence of nitrogen during the formation of the diamonds. Its unique hue makes a yellow diamond a valuable addition to the collection of many diamond lovers.

Like all other diamonds, yellow diamonds are mined from all over the world. The largest producers of yellow diamonds are Australia, India, Russia and Canada. The intense yellow-hued diamonds originate mostly from mines in South Africa. The color and quality of yellow diamonds are assessed using a set of criteria that is different from that of colorless diamonds.

The Unique Meaning Of Yellow Diamond

Diamonds symbolize ever lasting love and romance. In addition to this, yellow diamonds also symbolize love, happiness and optimism. The color yellow has always been associated with wisdom, knowledge and intellect. This is a cheerful and fun color that makes it an ideal choice for diamond engagement rings to represent the beginning of a beautiful journey filled with happiness and optimism.

Choosing The Best Yellow Diamond

Picking a yellow diamond that you and your fiancé love is the first step towards customizing your yellow diamond ring. Choosing the right intensity of color is of utmost importance before finalizing the choice. Unlike colorless diamonds, yellow diamonds become more valuable with increased intensity and vibrancy in their color. Yellow diamonds are typically graded from ‘Fancy Light’ to ‘Fancy Vivid’.

The most valuable is the ‘Fancy Vivid’ yellow diamond with the most intense hue, making it the pricier and most sought-after yellow diamond variety. The usual diamond shapes like oval, cushion and pear are best suited for yellow diamonds to bring out a more intense color. These shapes also help add a vintage style to the engagement ring, for those who prefer that look.

A diamond engagement becomes unique when it symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of the couple. A yellow diamond ring can do just that and be customized to make a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be cherished forever.

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