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An illusion setting increases the apparent size of a diamond within a setting. Majority of the illusion set engagement rings comprise of a small diamond ring encircled by precious metal with patterns. Due to this, the setting appears larger when looked at from a distance. While the overall effect gives an illusion of a larger diamond, there are other illusion concepts that contribute to the enlarged appearance. Apart from the scale, these diamonds look larger than what their respective carat weights appear. The setting is said to have originated in the year 1829. Below is a discussion on the illusion settings used in diamond engagement rings.

Illusion Solitaire Rings

Many cluster ring designs imitate the looks of the single large diamond. There is yet another advantage that these are much cheaper than the single stone rings of a similar size. The small faceted diamonds create a circular arrangement. These appear similar to a solitaire engagement ring when checked from a distance. Furthermore, the addition of 4 claws adds to the effect. These claws fulfill a decorative role and do not have any functional role.

Illusion Setting Vs Invisible Setting

On many occasions, the Illusion setting is confused with the Invisible setting. The latter exhibits the diamond in a simple manner. Besides, in many rings with invisible settings, the diamonds create an illusion of floating above the ring.

A unity engagement ring comprises of a round brilliant cut diamond that floats invisibly inside the setting. The diamond is held in place by the tension on either side of the setting.

Reasons To Select An Illusion Setting

Illusion settings can bring the appearance of a large diamond (solitaire) ring at only a fraction of the expenses. They cost considerably lower than the solitaire raw diamond engagement ring.

Illusion Wedding Rings

Illusion wedding rings also bring huge changes to the surface of the wedding rings. This is because of the effect of diamonds imitated by the setting. The pattern machined on to the surface of the ring brings an effect of diamonds without having to spend a fortune on it. They are also known as sparkle cut wedding rings.

Illusion settings are known for creating an illusion of a larger diamond. For this reason, these are preferred over solitaire diamond rings as they cost much lesser. Get a diamond ring with this setting if you are familiar with their features.

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