Three Qualities of a Person Who Chooses Pear Cut Diamond Ring

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The diamonds with a classic shape, such as one with the round brilliant cut, have been the most popular options in the market. However, some engagement ring buyers choose fancy shaped diamonds as its center stone. A fancy shaped diamond can be of any shape other than the round brilliant one. Modern brides-to-be are choosing pear cut diamond, as it is one of the best fancy shapes.

You Like to Diverge from Conventions

After all, that is why you chose the fancy cut stone as your engagement ring centerpiece. You just want to stand out from the sea of sparkle out there. This also suggests that you have the economic freedom to make the purchase. If an anonymous guy proposes you with a pear cut diamond ring, you might end up with a diamond engagement ring on your finger.

The pear cut diamond has a tapered outline. So it is no wonder people choose this fancy stone for their lady-love– even from a style point of view, it is an elegant as well as a flatter option for a diamond engagement ring. The pear diamond can appear bigger than other diamond shapes even at the same carat weight. The fiercely independent celebrity Margot Robbie wears a pear shaped diamond engagement ring.

You Wish to Keep Your Unique, Personal Style

Stylish brides-to-be are selecting pear diamond engagement rings as a statement piece. Think style icons such as Princess Charlene and Victoria Beckham.

The pear cut stone resembles a teardrop in shape, hence the nickname “teardrop” diamond. It combines the design style and brilliance of a marquise and round brilliant cut diamond, which is what makes the teardrop diamond so unique. Purchase an engagement ring set with the pear stone to bring tears of happiness on the face if your lady-love.

You Still Value Conventional Romance

While the teardrop diamond is unique and is chosen by those who make choices of their own, it does not mean that they are not at all in love with traditional engagement ring settings. One of the styles in this regard is the three stone engagement ring, featuring pear shaped diamond that flanks the center stone of the ring. If you want a round diamond center stone, you can have it by setting two pear shaped side stones to the ring.

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