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Most diamond ring buyers will not be familiar with the technical terms such as the cut, clarity, color, etc., of a diamond. Rather, they tend to choose a stone that is visually appealing to them. Usually, such people take the carat weight as well as the shape of your diamond into account when choosing a diamond. Note that there are about ten different diamond shapes, and hence, it will be a bit overwhelming for you to pick a single option. Here, all the shapes apart from the round shape are regarded as fancy diamond shapes.

The main advantage of choosing a fancy shaped diamond is that it will be less expensive when compared to a round diamond. Plus, it tends to create an illusion of a bigger diamond when compared to its round counterpart. Yet in order to choose the right option for you, you must have a thorough knowledge regarding which diamond shape suits your personality and lifestyle. Below are two of the most popular diamond shapes and their unique attractions.


Round diamonds are the most popular diamond shape so far. In fact, more than 70% of people in the United States of America prefer round diamond engagement rings. The main reason for this is the timeless elegance and ultimate sparkle offered by round diamonds.

No other diamond shape can beat a round diamond when it comes to its light performance. So, people who are more into a luxurious lifestyle or those who adore extremely sparkling rings have a particular liking to round diamond engagement rings. However, it will cost you a fortune in order to own a good quality round diamond ring of decent carat weight. The main reasons for this are the immense popularity of round diamonds as well as the rough diamond wastage during its cutting process.


Square diamonds are the most commonly opted ones among the fancy shaped diamonds. Square diamond engagement rings are really popular amongst all the millennial couples out there who want to steer away from conventional diamond engagement ring choices. The crisp profile of square diamonds makes it a stellar choice.

One of the most popular options in square diamonds is the princess cut. Actually, this is the most preferred option in the US after round diamonds. The sparkle and appeal of princess cut square diamond engagement rings is really incredible. If you adore celebrity diamond rings, or want to step out like a royalty, princess diamond engagement rings are your way to go.

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