Top Five Ring Trends of 2019

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Trends

Gone are the days where round diamond engagement rings were on everyone’s fingers. Round is the traditional diamond shape, yes, but not everyone like it. Some like to buck traditions by opting for other on-trend shapes and styles that appeal to them. Here are some of the styles of diamond engagement rings and wedding pieces trending in 2019.

Two-Stone Rings

Are you wondering what a two-stone ring is? It is precisely what the name implies – a ring featuring two gemstones. Why only settle for a solitaire when you have the option to go for two? If you are a bride looking for something unique than the conventional solitaire engagement ring, then look for one with a two-stone setting. These differ from traditional rings in that the focus is on multiple stones of the same carat size, rather than being encircled by many other smaller diamonds.

Colored Gemstones

Engagement rings with colored gemstones have been popular among brides-to-be in recent times, and we do not expect this to go out of vogue anytime soon. Some of America’s favorite celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Halley Berry, and Jennifer Lopez have all chosen colored gems instead of traditional diamonds.

Halo Setting

The halo ring setting has seen resurgence in popularity of late, becoming an appreciated favorite among brides-to-be owing to its versatility in design especially. In this setting, smaller diamonds surround the centerpiece diamond, which often makes the center stone appear bigger than it is.

Double Wedding Bands

Brides used to stack their wedding band just below their engagement ring in the old days. However, they are now choosing interlocking options like the double band. Brides also have the option to have these pieces custom-made to their preference. This is another option to consider when shopping for a wedding ring.

Pear Cut Diamonds                        

The pear-shaped stone is an original and one-of-a-kind trend we are expecting to see in 2020 as well. The unique shape has regained its popularity, particularly after Pete Davidson proposed marriage to Ariana Grande with a pear-shaped rock. The celeb’s post on social media featuring her diamond on her ring finger went viral, and it caught the eye of many of her fans. Because platforms like Instagram is so photo-heavy and it is easy to leave an impression on the young and impressionable by posting engagement ring photos.

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