Alternative Stones And Metals Take Over The Jewelry Market

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Many couples reinvent conventions and choose commitment jewelry pieces that speak to their styles. Customers express their commitment to others with alternative stones for centerpieces like sapphire, morganite, aquamarine, pearl, and lab-generated diamonds. Here, we will discuss how you can go down the alternative path for long-lasting, heirloom-worthy jewelry.

Striking New Combinations In Jewelry

Several non-diamond and diamond engagement rings as well as wedding bands have multiple hues per piece. As with stones, jewelers also mix precious metals as well as embrace less conventional white gold and rose gold. Pinkish-orangish morganite and rose gold work as a beautiful combination for a romantic and unexpected look. On the other hand, aquamarine with a light blue color offers a striking contrast to a white gold band. Sapphire gems in blue, teal, pink and other shades are centerpiece gems in bold and iconic pieces of jewelry.

Delicate rings with pearl stones are becoming more popular among customers. The rings often feature diamonds and offer a feminine look. If you are thinking about buying a delicate ring set with pearl and diamonds, remember that it would require a specific setting and some care for the piece. Why? Because harder gems can scratch pearl.

Dazzling Alternatives To Natural Diamonds

For a customer who seeks the clarity and brilliance of diamonds at a cheaper rate, there is an array of options in today’s market for a conventional look with alternative gems. On the so-called Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, 9.25 is the rating for moissanite, making it the hardest mineral after a diamond. That means moissanite is apt for use in everyday jewelry, besides offering more fire than other gems.

On the other hand, lab-created diamonds have the same gemological characteristics as mined diamonds and come at lower prices. The lower rate makes it possible to buy more artificial diamonds or diamond carats for a greater amount of sparkle.

Are you a customer seeking the durability and tradition of diamonds with an extra pop of color? If so, consider diamond band engagement rings with treated stones that come in black, yellow, brown and blue shades for a new take on a classic jewelry design.

A Colorful Jewelry Future

Whether it features peachy morganite, blue sapphire and/or a brilliant round diamond, the wedding band is a convention that is here to stay. A timeless token of fidelity, devotion and eternity, wedding bands have evolved to become more and more personalized symbols of love.

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