Oval And Pear Diamond Engagement Rings And Their Major Differences

Pear Diamond Engagement Rings
Pear Diamond Engagement Rings
Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval and pear-cut engagement rings are popular among buyers because of their fancy brilliant cuts. Also, they are significantly cheaper than the brilliant round-cut diamond rings. So, they are bought by those who are looking to save money. Also, their elongation effect gives an illusion that the wearer has long fingers. The article that follows discusses the differences between oval and pear diamond engagement rings.

Origin Of Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval diamond engagement rings¬†are a combination of round and marquise-cut diamond engagement rings. This gives them a modern and updated look that many brides find attractive. Also, they are popular for their timeless and classic design. Moreover, the length of this ring helps to create the illusion of making the wearer’s finger appear slender and elongated. Moreover, it is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle as there are no pointed edges.

The bowtie effect is the most striking highlight of an oval-cut diamond. Since it is difficult for the light that enters the stone to bounce back, a bowtie effect is created. Due to this reason, the central portion of the stone is darker than the rest. Although technically the bowtie effect is an imperfection, many buyers rave about this because they consider it the most interesting feature of oval diamond engagement rings.

Origin Of Pear-Cut Diamonds

The origin of pear-cut diamonds can be traced back to the mid-1400s. Even though pear diamond engagement rings are liked today, they were originally disliked. This was not due to the shape of the stone, but due to the amount of rough diamond lost when cutting it. You must know that people were extremely attracted to its unique shape. Because of their unique shape, pear-shaped diamonds are sometimes referred to as teardrop diamonds.

When buying, pear diamond engagement rings, look for a stone with even shoulders and a rounded base. This helps to give consistent shine, which enhances the beauty of the ring. Also, when buying elongated pear-cuts, buyers must be aware that they may appear like faulty cut oval-cut diamonds.

Oval-Cut VS Pear-Shaped Diamonds

The oval-cut diamond is symmetrical, while the pear-cut is not. Also, the elongation effect is more with the former because of its symmetry. Finally, the pear-cut is less suitable if the wearer leads a highly active lifestyle or is engaged in a profession where they use their hands very frequently.

We believe that the aforementioned details will help you choose between oval and pear diamond engagement rings.

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