A Brief Guide About Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Wedding engagements are special occasions and diamond engagement rings are the reminders of that special event for a lifetime. Everyone wants to have special rings that stand out and the best way is to opt for those with black diamonds or a combination of black and white diamonds. Besides, nowadays quite a few couples choose colored stones instead of colorless diamonds because they stand out. Read on to know more about black diamonds and their use as the centre stone in engagement rings.

Black Diamond

Black diamonds are a type of colored diamonds and they are now used as alternatives to colorless diamonds. These diamonds started gaining popularity in the late 20th century like the other types of colored diamonds. Nowadays it is easy to find them as part of jewelry items like black diamond engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and other high end jewelry. Also, they are used with metals like platinum or 14k white gold as the contrast in their colors highlights the beauty of the stone. Besides, high-quality black diamonds are available from retailers who specialise in colored stones.

The Formation Of Black Diamonds

There are two types of black diamonds, natural and treated ones, and here we will discuss the former. The black color of natural black diamonds is due to the presence of graphite and a large number of inclusions. These affect the appearance of the diamond giving it its unique color. Furthermore, they are known for their durability and have a score of 10 on the Mohs scale. Moreover, they are known to be harder than most of the colourless diamonds.

The Different Aspects Of Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are only found in one intensity level i.e. fancy black, and it is the same for white diamonds as well. But, when buying, you should consider the 4C’s of diamond grading because they determine the quality of the stone. Also, you should ensure that the color of the stone is fully saturated when you buy black diamond engagement rings.

Buying A Black Diamond Engagement Ring

It is important to differentiate between natural black diamonds and treated ones, the former is rare and hence more valuable. Because of this, the chances of getting fooled into buying the latter is high as the practice of color treating diamonds is far more common. So, to avoid this, it is important to buy black diamond engagement rings from a reputed vendor.

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