Do Black Diamonds Really Exist?

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, as we are all aware. We are also aware that diamonds are available in a wide range of colors, from rose to red to blue and many more. However, few people are aware that black diamonds exist as well. They are, and their narrative is rather interesting. Black diamonds may be the answer if you would like something different for your diamond engagement ring or just a statement piece of jewelry.

If you are planning on buying a black diamond engagement ring, you should know about black diamonds first.


Carbonados are the name given to black diamonds by the Brazilians who unearthed them around 1840. Black diamonds are currently found in Brazil and the Central African Republic only. Over the past 151 years, black diamonds have been prized by kings and celebrities. Black diamonds are one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. Although they’re frequently thrown in with chocolate diamonds, real black diamonds are practically opaque in their onyx-like appearance.

4Cs Of Black Diamonds

Cut, color, clarity, and carat all have a role in determining the value of a diamond. With a few exceptions, this is applicable for any colored stone, even black diamonds. The quality of the angles carved into the stone is referred to as a diamond cut. The term cut refers to the shape as well as the way in which the gem is created. Cut relates to the dimensions, symmetry, and reflecting properties of a diamond while certifying it. According to the GIA, diamond cuts range from good to poor. The cut, together with the other parameters, may add to the black diamond’s rarity and value.

A color scale of D to Z is used to grade clear diamonds. D is the most suited hue for these diamonds, as it is colorless. Black diamonds, however, are not graded according to these standards because the color is appraised separately. The diamond’s clarity determines its flawlessness. A professional inspection of a defective diamond will reveal any inclusions or defects. The diamond’s clarity affects its value, and this is still true for black diamonds. The most crucial thing to look for when identifying whether or not black diamonds are genuine is that the hue is consistent all through the stone.

Many people mistakenly believe that carat relates to the size of the diamond, when in fact it denotes the weight of the stone. A 1-carat black diamond will look smaller than a 1-carat white diamond because black gemstones are denser than clear or colored gemstones.

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