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Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
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In today’s diamond industry and market, the term marquise is rarely heard. Though the Marquise cut is not commonly used now, it has been in the market for a long time. It is not actually named after any particular shape of the cut.

The History of the Cut

In the 18th century, King Louis XV of France appointed a jeweler to create a new diamond cut, which was supposed to resemble the lips of his mistress. This was the cut which later developed into the Marquise cut. The name Marquise actually is the name of a hereditary rank between count and duke. This cut later became famous, and men in the court started wearing diamonds fashioned out of this new cut.

Pros and Cons of the Cut

The Marquise cut has both pros and cons. The present day Marquise cut is actually very much different from the 18th century Marquise cut. The new one which is available now is another version of the round brilliant cut, with 58 facets.

The extended shape of the Marquise gives a slim and long appearance to the finger on which it is worn. The stone would also have a bigger appearance given its carat weight. Though diamond is the hardest natural mineral, it is also brittle in a sense. A small hit on a cut diamond at the right spot can cause chipping, and sometimes, even cleaving. The elongated nature of the marquise diamond exposes the sharp edges more, and this increases the risk even further. If the stone is not cut perfectly, you may also get to see the bow-tie effect in marquise diamonds.

Antique Marquise Diamonds

The Marquise cut actually lacks an actual standard. Though the 4C grading is applicable, it is more subjective compared to the other cuts. Hence the prices of antique marquise diamonds often vary without much reference.

In antique diamonds, it is not the precision which is highlighted, but rather the character and charm of the stones. The visual appeal of the diamond is outstanding for marquise diamonds. The early diamond cutters knew their limitations in attaining precision and hence concentrated more on the outward appeal of the stone. Therefore it can be observed that antique diamonds carry more fire and a more captivating appearance.

Things to Note While Buying a Marquise Diamond

In spite of the fact that the Marquise diamonds do not have a definite standard, there are certain things to note while buying a marquise diamond. The symmetry of the diamond is very important. The ideal length-to-width ratio of a Marquise diamond is 2:1.

Marquise diamonds have the elegance which is not matched by any other diamond types. This makes them special and sometimes even real treasures.

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