All you Need to Know about Marquise Diamonds

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Marquise diamonds are among the most beautiful and elegant group of diamonds. However, only a small proportion of diamonds available globally fall under marquise diamonds. They are available in a wide range of options though, which make them suitable for diamond engagement rings as well as wedding rings. Below are a few facts about marquise diamonds that will help you to understand it better.

Basic Facts about Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are among the most unique among the rest of the diamonds. They have a number of advantages over their costlier cousins. For one, they are cheaper than the round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings. Besides, they make the fingers look longer and appear larger than diamonds with similar carat weight.

The GIA does not issue grades for its cut. Hence, it is advised to check the diamond personally to verify the quality of its cut. When on it, it is important to have a deep understanding of the two features of the diamond: the bowtie effect and the length-to-width ratio. Besides, note that most of the diamond sellers will display the grades based on their own examination, which cannot always be trusted. You need to examine the diamond for its qualities yourself.

Color Recommendations for Marquise Diamonds

The color grade, as the name suggests, indicates the degree to which the color is displayed by the diamond. Small marquise diamonds hide the color better while the larger ones will display the color with more clarity. As marquise cut diamonds appear larger than most other shapes, even the smallest diamond will show some degree of color. Therefore, it is advised to choose the D – F color range. In case you want a colorless diamond, a G or I graded diamond would be a great choice. Remember that the visual appeal of these diamonds also depends on the size of the diamond.

Clarity Recommendations for Marquise Diamonds

The clarity grade determines the degree of imperfections on the diamonds. It is difficult to spot the imperfections on the smaller ones than the larger ones. Thus, you can easily go ahead and purchase smaller diamonds, which appear neat to the eye. Again, as marquise diamonds always appear larger, you need to be careful while choosing the diamonds with the clarity that you expected. In a nutshell, marquise diamonds hide imperfections very efficiently, so you can go forward with your purchase.

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