Are Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings Expensive?


Marquise cut diamond rings are unique and they offer more value for your investment. Marquise diamonds look like a football featuring an oval shape with pointed ends. The marquise cut was found in the 18th Century when King Louis XV of France demanded a diamond that will resemble the shape of the lips of his mistress. It has standard 58 facets, just like other popular diamond cuts. Generally, there will be 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion.

Advantages Of Choosing Marquise Cut Diamonds

The marquise cut makes the diamond look bigger than what can be achieved with any other cut. This is because of the larger surface area in marquise cut diamonds. This means that you can still have the same carat weight, but a visually bigger rock on your fingers that will surely impress the onlookers. The shape of the diamond makes the marquise diamond engagement ring more flattering. It perfectly suits women with petite or short fingers.

Even though the marquise cut gives you these amazing benefits, it is much more affordable than other popular diamond cuts. What’s more, the marquise diamond cut can also hide some of the flaws and inclusions in the stone. This means that you can save a lot by choosing marquise cut diamond rings. Another great thing about the marquise cut is that it makes it easy to set the diamond in any of your preferred engagement ring settings.

Drawbacks Of Choosing Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise cut diamond rings are affordable, versatile, and feature a unique style that you cannot see on the fingers of most brides. However, there are some drawbacks to choosing a marquise diamond engagement ring too. One of the main concerns with marquise cut diamonds is the bow-tie effect. This refers to a dark shadow right in the middle of the stone, which is caused because of the unique shape of the diamond and uneven distribution of light. The bow-tie effect can make your diamond a little less attractive.

Marquise cut diamonds can also have more yellowish tints at the pointed ends. This can be more evident in bigger stones of 2-carat weight and more. This means that you will have to choose a higher color grade when going for a bigger rock, and that can add to the price of your marquise cut diamond ring. Besides, there is also the risk of chipping at the pointed edges. Therefore, you will need V-shaped prongs to protect the diamond from getting damaged due to accidental bumps. This can be a blessing in disguise though, as the V-shaped prongs can help to hide the color tints and flaws at the tips too.

Marquise Diamond Prices

Marquise cut diamonds are much cheaper than round cut diamonds, which are the most popular ones in engagement rings. In fact, a marquise diamond engagement ring can cost around 20% less than a round diamond engagement ring featuring the same carat weight, color, and clarity grade. Yet again, marquise cut diamonds can be a bit more expensive than other fancy shapes such as princess cut, cushion cut, and emerald cut diamonds.

The best way to balance the costs and the attractive charm of marquise diamonds rings will be to go for an H color stone. You can set the stone in platinum or white gold to get a stunning piece that will look quite classy. However, you will have to choose G color grade for setting a larger stone weighing 2 carats or more on a cooler-colored metal band.

If you want to cut the costs a little further, or if you prefer yellow or rose gold instead of platinum and white gold, then you can safely go down the color scale to J color grade. The warm color of the gold metal will blend the slightly yellowish tone of the diamond perfectly, and it will look perfect on the engagement ring. You will need to move up to the I color grade if you want a bigger diamond though, so that it appears fairly colorless in yellow gold or rose gold ring.

As for the clarity level, you can choose a diamond that is eye-clean for your marquise diamond engagement ring. In other words, choose a diamond that looks flawless to the naked eye. No one is going to look at your sparkler with a magnifying lens anyway. VS2 grade diamonds will be the best bet here. However, make sure to inspect the stone for any kind of internal flaws, especially at the edges. That is because internal cracks on the pointed ends can put your diamond at a higher risk of chipping. Other flaws like scratches or black spots can be concealed using the prongs.

Marquise cut diamonds can be set on the engagement ring vertically or horizontally as per your personal styling preferences. RockHer allows you to create a unique and attractive piece for your big day. The elongated shape of the marquise diamond is always attention-grabbing.

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