Choosing The Best Setting For Marquise Diamond Ring

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Best Setting For Marquise Diamond
Best Setting For Marquise Diamond

Known as one of the oldest diamond cuts believed to have originated in the eighteenth century, the marquise cut is praised for is the stunning charm that makes the fingers look slimmer and longer. The cut is a cross between the oval cut and pear cut.

To ensure that the stone remains secure and all of its charms are flaunted, selecting an ideal ring setting is important. We attempt to guide you in the selection of ring settings for marquise diamonds.

Prong Setting 

A prong setting secures the diamond in place by means of metal claws.

Advantages Of Prong Setting

  • As the metal claws do not cover a significant portion of the stone, the marquise diamond can be highlighted well with a prong setting.
  • The reflection of light in the diamond and its visibility is high if a prong setting is used.
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • It makes the stone look larger than its actual size

Disadvantages Of Prong Setting

  • Prongs can catch on daily wear items causing damage to the setting and the diamond.
  • The settings do not suit people who lead active lifestyles.
  • Risk of a diamond falling out is high

Halo Setting For Marquise Diamond

Halo setting improves the aesthetic appeal of the marquise diamond. In the halo setting, the marquise diamond is surrounded by tiny diamonds that add an extra layer of fascinating sparkle.

Advantages Of Halo Setting

  • Better emphasis is given to the center stone
  • Cost-effective than buying a large diamond
  • Protects the center stone from any damage

Disadvantages Of Halo Setting

  • Maintenance and cleaning are quite difficult because of the tiny grooves and crevices in the setting.
  • The small diamonds around the center stone may get dislodged due to impact over time.

Bezel Setting

Among all settings, bezel setting offers the highest protection to the center stone as the whole or half of the outer edge of the diamond is covered by a strip of metal. A half bezel setting surrounds half of the diamond’s edge while a full bezel setting covers the whole of the stone’s edge.

Advantages Of Bezel Setting

  • Offers high protection to the diamond
  • Keeps the corners of the diamond safe from damage
  • Hides flaws along the edges of the diamond

Disadvantages Of Bezel Setting

  • The diamond will look smaller
  • More expensive than common settings
  • Difficult to resize
  • Difficult to clean

The choice of a ring setting is influenced by the type of lifestyle one leads and the level of protection they want for their diamonds.

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