Maintenance And Care Of Marquise Diamond Rings

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise diamond engagement rings are very popular among couples. However, the sharp and pointed edges make these rings susceptible to damages. To avoid unwanted scratches and chipping, you need to refrain from wearing marquise cut diamond ring while doing rigorous activities like cleaning, packing, and sports, etc. Moreover, oil from finger contact can make the diamond appear dull. Therefore, it is important to clean your marquise diamond engagement rings. Let us quickly look at some of the methods through which you can keep your diamonds clean.

Ways To Make Your Diamond Ring Spotless At Home

The tips shared below will help you clean your marquise diamond engagement ring at home.

  • In a bowl, take six parts ammonia and one part water. Make sure not to use cleaners that are bleach based as they can lead to chemical reactions to some metals which can damage the ring forever.
  • Place your marquise diamond engagement ring in the solution and soak it for about fifteen minutes. After that, scrub the ring with a soft brush. Make sure to scrub the ring gently, else you might damage the setting of the diamond.
  • You need to be very careful when scrubbing diamond rings that are prong based, as the bristles of the brush can loosen the diamond if you apply too much force to clean the ring.
  • After brushing the ring, rinse it under clean running water. Make sure to use a plug or strainer in your sink before rinsing the ring, as it can help prevent the ring from going down the drain.
  • You can dry the ring using a clean lint-free cloth. Never let your marquise diamond engagement ring air dry, as it can leave water stains on the diamond.

Cleaning Your Marquise Cut Diamond Ring Professionally 

It is recommended to have your marquise diamond engagement ring cleaned by a professional to ensure thorough cleaning of the ring. You can get it cleaned up to a maximum of two times a year. Professionals make use of steam-based cleaning pieces of equipment that can easily remove dirt build-up, which is otherwise difficult to remove. Moreover, a professional can check to ensure that the prongs of the ring are not loose and repair them if necessary.

Doing the above things can ensure that your marquise diamond engagement ring is clean and shiny. Make sure to store your ring in a soft cloth pouch when you are not wearing it. This will prevent it from getting dirty.

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