Marquise-Cut Engagement Rings: Pros And Cons

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise cut is one of the popular diamond cuts that attract people with its unique shape. This fancy diamond cut has a tapered oval shape that features pointed edges. Even though marquise diamonds are not popular in engagement rings like many other shapes, they can be a wonderful option for couples to want to show their love and devotion uniquely.

Marquise diamonds have their features just like every other diamond shape. This particular diamond cut has its pros and cons. Knowing them can help to decide whether marquise diamond engagement rings are suitable for you.

Pros Of Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise-cut diamonds are popular for their stunning shape. They can be a brilliant choice for people who are looking for diamond engagement rings with unique shapes. You can use them as your center stone or add them as accents to enhance the brilliance of your engagement ring.

The following are a few significant benefits you can enjoy by choosing marquise engagement rings:

They Have A Bigger Appearance

Marquise diamonds can look bigger than many other diamond shapes like round and princess. So, if you have your eyes set on a bigger diamond ring, then marquise diamonds can be suitable for you.

Make Your Fingers Look Slimmer

Because of the elongated look of marquise-cut diamonds, your fingers can look slimmer. They can also offer a longer appearance for your fingers which makes them a great option for people with smaller fingers.

Nevertheless, this might not be a desired trait for some people. So, if you want the look of marquise diamonds, but do not prefer its slimming effect, then it is better to choose a smaller version that won’t stretch too far.

Affordable Than Round Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are less costly than round brilliants. Hence, by choosing these stones, you can get bigger diamonds for better rates.

Hide Inclusions

Marquise cut is a modified brilliant-cut, so stones cut in this way can exhibit good brilliance and fire. This can help to avoid inclusions and flaws.

Cons Of Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise diamonds can also have some disadvantages including:

Bow-Tie Effect

This effect can make your stone look darker. The bow-tie effect is a result of problems with the distribution of light in the stone. When buying marquise diamonds, make sure that this effect is not visible in your stones.

Pointed Edges Might Chip

The pointed edges of marquise diamonds make them vulnerable to damage easily.

Consider marquise diamonds for your engagement ring only after understanding their pros and cons.

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